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Why Inculcate the Habit of Writing Every Day in Your Kids

Writing is one of the most beneficial habits to introduce to your kids, in terms of education as well as self-growth. Writing isn’t only meant for professional writers and poets, or people who have a good command over the language, or people who know things. Every person has thoughts, questions, ideas – every person has a story that they need to pen down. 

Art of writing

Writing isn’t as difficult to make a habit as people believe it to be. While starting out can be difficult, once you get the hang of it, you can easily write a few lines daily. As people grow up, one of the things on their resolutions list usually becomes writing more, that never happens. Grown-ups tend to have more secrets that they don’t want people to know, they fear others reading the diary, so the activity is often left out. That’s not the case with kids though.

For kids, writing in a diary is easier. It gives them an opportunity to learn to put their thoughts out clearer and also makes them acknowledge their own feelings. Think about it – how are real writers different from the others? The difference lies in their stubbornness to write every day until it becomes a habit. Writing. as an act, not a gift, it is a self-regulated habit. 

Writing is a serious exercise to declutter the mind and focus on things that actually matter. Writing gives the kids an opportunity to look deeper into our minds and understand themselves better. Even adults struggle with that. If they are already used to processing their emotions, it becomes easier as they grow up.

The other reason why practising writing is important for kids is that it improves their English. Grammar, new words, punctuation – everything becomes better with more practice. Your kids start to develop a tool belt of words and phrases which they can use not only on paper but in their daily conversations as well. When they have good vocabulary, it becomes easier for them to communicate effectively.

How Do You Get Your Kids to Write?

  • Tell them to start a notebook or diary and write about their day or about the things they like. 
  • Tell them to write down their opinions on some issue like their dislike for some vegetable, or an incident at school, a good-day account, a poem, or a past memory. 
  • Set a time and keep a reasonable duration for them to enjoy the process. Half an hour to an hour is ideal for a beginner. Make sure they stick to the given time and not make excuses. 
  • Even if they don’t have a topic to write about, make them commit to the time and don’t let them get up from the chair until they write something. WRITE ANYTHING. Even if it’s how much they wish they were watching cartoons instead of sitting here.
  • Keep a word limit as well. It helps them start small in the beginning, gives them a goal to work toward.

Final Thoughts

Like any other habit, writing needs commitment and practice to turn into daily practice. Writing daily will help your kids communicate better not only in their personal life but will also help them reap the benefits as they grow up because communication is at the root of everything. And even the best struggle with words.