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Educational Games for Toddlers

Your child won’t miss out on his learning because of the pandemic.

Know how?

The internet will come to your rescue!

Oh yes! Including a pool of learning tools, the online space is an ocean blending fun and knowledge.

Toddlers usually catch noises and sound that they hear even if they can’t quite perceive the meaning or speak efficiently. Thus, you want your child to be surrounded by the right kind to help him evolve early on.

Online games that are education-oriented are your go-to place. You’ll get a list of such games on Google or PlayStore.

This article has curated a list of three such educational games which are by far the most exciting and informative.


ABC kids

Location : PlayStore

Rating: 4.4

About: The fame once downloaded, has an eye-catching background with animated characters introducing themselves. The opening page shows a train that has a bunch of options as the carriers. The options to choose from include – tracing alphabets (both capital and small), identifying the correct alphabets (both capital and small).

The game makes your child familiar with how alphabets look like and sound like. For the same, there will be a wall given wight blocks where the kid is required to match similar looking words. For example match M with M and q with q. This will not only help him/her learn but also work on the visualization and memory powers.

Download link


preschool kids

Location : PlayStore

Rating: 4.3

About: This is the perfect game to learn numbers and basic mathematical techniques. The game not only gives an insight into how the numbers look like but also repeats then so as to tell how they sound like. Children pick on sounds faster and try to copy in their own voice, thus this will come in handy.

It includes a bunch of options like to go for how the numbers are spelled, addition, subtraction, greater than, lesser than LR equal to functions, how the numbers are placed on a click, and also to find missing numbers. Hence, this game can be used not only for toddlers but also can help them when they join their nursery and later.

Download link


colors for kids

Location : PlayStore

Rating: 4.0

About: As the name suggests, this game familiarizes your child with a world of colors. It makes the kid indulge in colors in a variety of ways – to choose the right color when that particular color is called out, mixing different colors to form a new color (i.e mixing blue and yellow to get green), matching the appropriate color when a picture is shown. It also has a coloring section that enables the child to color shapes and sceneries provided. Each time a color is selected, it is named.

Download link


Talented and Gifted is a treasury of educational activities for children ages 2 to 10. It was developed by experts in early education and covers all the main subjects of preschool and elementary school: World Around Us, Math, English Language Arts, Social Studies and more.

Thanks to the cohesive structure of each course, children can work with the app independently —  cheerful design, rewards and play activities help them stay engaged and focused.

The range of activities includes videos, games, interactive worksheets, quizzes and coloring pages.  A great bonus in the app is a top-notch Chess course!

Download Link

There are thousands of games out there for shapes and various different subjects too. Just dive in and choose which suits you the best!