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Kitchen Tools and Gadgets for the Kids

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Kids in the Kitchen is about more than just letting kids mix up a batch of cookie dough. #KidsintheKitchen is a series that encourages kids to explore their creativity and expand their taste buds. Creating a space where children are comfortable is the first step to getting them excited to help prep and prepare a meal or come up with a new recipe ideas. This collection of the kitchen tools and gadgets is a great way to empower kids to do more, make more, create more, think more.
Kitchen Tools and Gadgets for Kids #kidsinthekitchen

Non-Stick Silicon Baking Mat Set The non stick surface makes for easy removal of baked goods and leaves cooking sheets clean.

OXO Good Grips Measuring Cups The large sturdy handles gives little hands more control and less spilling.

Indoor Greenhouse Kit Get kids excited about fresh food and herbs buy growing them yourself.

Chopchop Magazine Subscription This publication provides inspiration and ideas that brings kids and their families together in the kitchen.

Curious Chef Plastic Knife Chop fruits and veggies with ease while keeping little fingers safe from traditional metal blades.

Geometric Cookie Cutters All bakers need basics shapes to create delicious sweets and treats.

OXO Wooden Spoon Set No kitchen is complete without sturdy wooden spoons for mixing and cooking.

Snap Fit Measuring Spoons This ingenuous double sided design is perfect for multiple sized jars and bottles.

EasyLunchboxes Bento Lunch Box Containers Kids will be excited to create healthy “lunchables” at home with fresh ingredients.

Cow Kitchen Timer Keep things fun with this MOO-ing kitchen timer.

PB & J Spoon No more multipe knives being used for 1 sandwich with this dual edge spreader.

Mixing Bowls with Handle Little hands will appreciate the handle on these brightly colored mixing bowls.

While some of these tools and gadgets are whimsical they are all useful in just about any kitchen. Teach safety first to ensure fewer accidents and mishaps. Do you have any suggestions for kitchen must haves for kids?

Come join me and my co-hosts, Sarah of Play to Learn with Sarah, Paula at Frosted Fingers and Sara at Sensibly Sara, each week linking up a post, new or old, that feature the theme Kids in the Kitchen. It doesn’t matter what you are doing as long as you are doing it together, enjoying it and learning something along the way.

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting this week!

  2. Those are all really cool. My kids don’t help me as much in the kitchen as I would like, but maybe if I got them some of these things it would help get them more involved.

  3. I have the SnapFit measuring spoons and love them. I have two sets. 🙂 I also enjoy having my kids in the kitchen with me.

  4. These are some great choices. I always use the silicone baking mats. It makes cleanup so much easier!

  5. I’ve used the greenhouse before. It’s a great quality and loads of fun to watch things grow.

  6. My kids love to get into the kitchen we just made some Chocolate chip cookies for new years and although they made a mess ( I am not a fan of it lol) we had so much fun. With their own tools they will want access to my kitchen more

  7. I know that these are supposed to be for kids but I want them for ME! This reminds me that I need to get new silipats, mine disappeared!

  8. I love the idea of my kids helping me in the kitchen. I actually did that often in our old house. This new one has about a square foot of counter space so it isn’t as easy. I need to work on it though!

  9. The plastic knife sounds great! I think I might even need one… 😉

  10. I want these tools and I don’t have kids! That cow timer is soo cute!

  11. My kids love helping out in the kitchen. I love your list! Have a terrific weekend!

  12. thank you for the party Melinda! Happy 2014 🙂

  13. we have some kid kitchen tools. we do pancakes from “scrap” as my kids call it every single saturday as a family.

  14. What wonderful kid kitchen items! I need to get some of them to get my boys in the kitchen with me.

  15. It is great to have kids in the kitchen for many reasons. It teaches them to appreciate food, chemistry, physics and even sociology.

  16. I like the double-sided measuring spoons and I have those Easy Lunchboxes!

  17. Thanks for the linky! My mom would love the cow timer. Her kitchen is done in everything cows!

  18. I really like the mini greenhouse kit! We need to start our seedlings soon and this would be ideal for us!

  19. This is just perfect for my little KJ. He wants to be a chief and loves helping in the kitchen. Headed over to check out some of these gadgets

  20. My 2 year old son is becoming more and more interested in helping in the kitchen. We just got him his own stool (instead of a chair) so he can be right next to all the action. I know he would love some multi colored bowls!

  21. This is awesome, my toddler is my partner in crime in the kitchen. She loves cooking and baking with me.

  22. katherine says

    These are great ideas for the kids!

  23. These are some great tools to make kids excited about cooking in the kitchen. I love to bake and cook with my son.

  24. What an awesome collection of kid friendly kitchen tools!

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