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So, You Want To Learn How To Grow Marijuana Outdoors

Growing marijuana outdoors is becoming more popular every year. As a result, there are many websites which offer tips on how to grow weed. Most of them focus on growing marijuana indoors, which is the most common way to grow marijuana. Outdoor growing is very different, and it is not for everyone. There are some basic guidelines which are essential for growing marijuana outdoors, and it is important to understand them before growing marijuana outdoors.

You may have heard of the term “hydroponics” but you may never have heard of “wet-hanging”. This is a method of growing cannabis that has been around for many years. Despite the name, it is NOT a method of growing cannabis that requires you to grow it in a “wet” environment. This method of cannabis cultivation is the exact opposite of that. It allows you to grow cannabis in a “dry” environment indoors as opposed to outdoors.

Now that marijuana has been legalized in many parts of the country, most plants are grown in modern indoor facilities. This is where technology and horticulture come together to create the optimal conditions for this precious plant to develop into a true masterpiece. But there was a time, not so long ago, when this plant was grown like any other crop in the American landscape – outdoors. There were no computers to control light and water, no real barriers to protect the plants from animals or other intruders in the space, just seeds, nature and a little self-care to ensure a decent harvest. After all, the cannabis plant wants to grow, but doesn’t need all that expensive equipment to do so. And you don’t have to be a scientist to produce them. Anyone who has ever grown tomatoes knows what it means to grow herbs in the garden. Here are some tips to get you started. Photo by Marco Jimenez via Unsplash word-image-8638 As we’ve said before, marijuana wants to grow. He is able to adapt to the bizarre climate changes that can occur. But, like people, he’s not a big fan of extreme weather conditions. If it’s too hot or too cold outside, the cannabis plant just won’t respond positively. The plant (in its vegetative phase) likes a temperature of 70-85°F. If you live in a place where it is warmer than 80°F for an extended period of time, the plant may be damaged or even die. During the flowering phase (the phase when the plant produces buds), marijuana likes temperatures around 65-80°F. Keep in mind, however, that these temperatures are just its preferences. A few days with 90 degree temperatures doesn’t mean your crops are doomed. APPROPRIATE: The power of the plant: Grow your own medical marijuana seeds When choosing a location for an outdoor marijuana garden – whether you’re planting it in the ground or in containers – it’s best to choose a spot where the plants can receive as much direct light as possible. Like tomatoes, cannabis plants need about 8 hours of continuous sunlight per day. Some plant experts recommend placing the garden so that it faces the sunlight. The plants should be placed in a relatively open area where good air circulation is possible throughout the day. However, if strong winds often blow in your area, consider placing the garden next to some sort of barrier to minimize the cruelty of the wind. Remedy Pics via Unsplash word-image-8639 Of course there are unscrupulous people who will try to steal your plants if they get the chance. Therefore, it is always advisable to build the garden in a secluded and safe place. We recommend the use of portable containers for more flexibility. This way you can experiment with the placement of the plants during the vegetative phase. This also allows you to put your plants inside at night to keep them safe and cool until morning. If you plant the cannabis seeds directly into the ground, you will need to do some work first. It is advisable to plough the soil a few weeks before planting and to apply a soil improver. You can do it the old-fashioned way by making your own compost, or you can just buy all kinds of composting products at your local garden center. APPROPRIATE: Which is better, indoor or outdoor grass? Again: It’s not rocket science. If you don’t have such good soil at home – you’ve planted something before but without success – you might want to opt for the loose container. In this case, get breathable pots (5 to 10 gallons). Choose a 5 gallon container for medium plants and a 10 gallon container for larger plants. At this time, buy a high-quality potting soil, such as. B. Fox Farms Ocean Forest Soil or Roots Organic. Marijuana growers have had great success with these products. Once you have planted the plants in the ground (or in containers) and they are resting quietly in the sun, the next important step is to make sure they are watered. Hopefully in your part of the world heavy rains fall and nature just does its job – although most professional gardeners try to avoid the rains because of mold and other potential problems. But during the summer months, there are usually dry periods. Photo Bloomberg Creative Photos/Getty Images word-image-8640 You need to keep the soil moist, so depending on the size of the plant, it needs 1 to 10 gallons of water per day in areas with higher temperatures. A good watering can in the morning should help. Don’t forget to keep the soil moist without flooding the plants. So if you find that water is collecting above the ground for an extended period of time, it’s time to let go of the hose a bit. Water them again when the topsoil is dry. APPROPRIATE: What is the difference between sun-grown and indoor marijuana? You may need to protect your plants from animals and other hungry creatures. As with any other garden plant, it can be done with a small hedge. Insects can also be a problem. The three most common pests on hemp plants are spider mites, mushroom flies and root aphids. There are natural insecticides on the market that can prevent these insects from destroying your crops. Professional growers often try to take an overly scientific approach to the cultivation of cannabis, believing that this will result in a higher quality product. And we’re not saying they’re wrong. But when you’re growing marijuana, you don’t have to worry about every little thing. As we have said many times before, cannabis wants to grow. This is one of the reasons why it is often called an herb. You know, when it grows like a weed? Make sure your plants have sun, good soil and water and enjoy the process. You’ll be amazed at the results.

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