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Tech-Free Outdoor Activities

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As parents, we know it can be difficult getting children outside to get some fresh air. The call of cellphones, laptops, and games consoles can be strong, and our children tend to pick those over spending time outdoors. 

To combat this, it is imperative that we find activities that will pique our children’s interests, rather than simply placing them outside and demanding that they go play. Depending on the age of your child, and the amenities available, this will either be fairly simple or an arduous struggle. 


Younger Children

Younger children are the easiest to actually manoeuvre into an outdoor activity, purely due to their size. There also tends to be more free and easy-access activities around that younger children can enjoy. 

Toddlers and pre-school children may enjoy a trip to the playground. This can help them burn off energy, get some exercise, and develop their social and motor skills. You don’t have to sit there and spectate. Why not also get your own exercise and rediscover your childhood by joining in? 

Make sure you check the playground prior to letting your tot run loose, as some may contain shards of glass or other debris that may cause harm. If the worst does happen, you could find yourself getting in touch with a Smyrna personal injury lawyer, so it is always best to be cautious. Always be mindful that just because you respect the outdoors this doesn’t mean all others do the same.


Pre-Teens may not be as easily swayed by a trip to the park to play on the equipment, but they may be convinced if you add roller blading or skateboarding into the mix. 

At this age, your child might feel they have outgrown swings and slides. Skateboarding and roller blading tend to be seen as cool and popular activities, taking skill and dedication. While you may see and hear of more boys being into these sports, there is no reason why your daughter couldn’t partake in it too. 

Make sure that you invest in the proper safety equipment, including a well-fitting helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads. The most important part of sports is ensuring your child is adequately protected. 


Teenagers may be the most difficult age group to convince to partake in an outdoor activity, especially one that asks them to leave all gadgets at home. Here, it might be worth stripping it right back to basics.

Ask your teen to join you on a bike ride with a picnic. You could go somewhere you used to visit when they were younger, or explore the local area together. If your teen doesn’t want to go with you, give them the picnic and get them to take their friends instead.

Spending all the time on technology isn’t healthy and can, in extreme cases, cause bad posture and a lack of social skills. By making sure your child spends at least some time each day outside and away from their gadgets, you will be helping them to make good life choices, enjoy other activities, and avoid electronic addictions. 

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