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Books for Children to Read this Lockdown

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Children are a bundle of joy filled with energy, which is hard to contain. It is hard to keep them occupied, as some get bored really fast—the need for adventure and exploration is very strong within them. The time when kids are at home with summer vacation on toll as well as the lockdown, they need something to distract them and keep them engaged. The best possible way for parents is to inculcate the habit of reading. Parents who are working or busy, or need to finish their work and leave the child alone for some time would benefit from teaching a reading habit in their child. 


Children are hard to keep up, and with curious minds like their books would engage their minds with questions and answers. In times of lockdown, children are only at home as the fear of the pandemic looms around. Hence, all they can do is sit at home, either spending time on the internet or watch television, to break their routine and keep their vigor up. 

Here are books that children should be read to or asked to read during the pandemic. The list is general, but nonetheless the journey would begin somewhere. 

1. Age 0 – 3 

The Tiger who came to tea – A classic by Judith Kerr, revolves around a girl, her mother and a starving tiger who asks if he can come in and have food, which leads to the Tiger eating all the food. 

Dream big by Joyce Wan – An inspirational book that focuses on famous women and their achievements. Women who have followed their dreams. 

2. Age 4 – 7

The Cat in the Hat – Written by Dr. Seuss, revolves around a cat in a white and red striped hat. As a character, the cat is portrayed to entertain children who are alone in the house and, in turn, creating havoc. 

Winnie the Pooh – A classic book, where parents would feel nostalgic while reading it to their children. The book by A. A Milne is a great way to find adventure through the characters. 

 3. Age 8 – 12 

Bright Bursts of Colour – A book by poet Matt Goodfellow, the illustration and humorous as well as challenging instances, makes it a good read. The book also has poetry and hence brings about a different form of literature for children who are at an age where they can read to themselves. 

Matilda – written by Roald Dahl, focuses on a small girl who is very bright and intelligent. Who isn’t understood by her parents or her principal, the only person who understands her is her class teacher Ms. Honey. This book would encourage students to embrace themselves. 

Final Thoughts 

The book lists caterers to all age groups of children. Parents need to push children to read to expand their minds and increase a sense of creativity. Books are known to be a person’s best friend, and the lockdown presents an opportunity to expand the literature world to children. Enjoy reading with your child.  

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