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Five Quick Tips For Dealing With A Troubled Teen During Distance Studying

The pandemic, lockdowns and distance learning have been challenging for everyone. However, it has been particularly hard for teens who haven’t able to socialize with their peers at school the way they used to. It’s a no brainer why so many of them have been pretty bummed about it. No matter how great their distance education school process is, the pandemic and the restrictions have had its impact on their mental health. It’s no surprise a lot of teens have started to act out. For some, it’s how they deal with the situation. Some have also paid less attention to their studies and found sneaky ways of dealing with their homework assignments like copying someone else’s work or even using a cheap essay writing service. Here are five tips for dealing with troubled teens during these uncertain times of online learning. 

1.     Start a conversation

This is the first and most important step. Teens need to understand that you are on their side no matter what. Ask them about their current workload, worries and struggles, listen carefully and offer help. 

If they have an issue with their homework assignments, don’t ignore it. For instance, let’s say you’ve caught them using a service like CheetahPapers. Don’t get angry. Explain to them that buying cheap essays is not a viable solution to the problem and that they are only cheating themselves. Help your kid figure out how to complete assignments or tasks by themselves. Be there for them. The temptation to find a quick solution can be all too real. However, your support means so much more. Teach your teen how to make the right choices. 

2.     Show that there is a light at the end of the tunnel

A lot of teens get restless because they have no idea when this pandemic is going to end. Parents should explain to them why it is so important to adhere to all the rules that are currently imposed. What the aim of a lockdown is, who it’s protecting and the long term benefits of stricter measures now. Maybe a short history lesson on tougher times to put things in perspective. Highlighting the modern advantages we have now, like just being able to use the internet for one, in comparison to decades past. As a result, it will get easier for a child to come to terms with the current situation. Explain to your kids what steps are needed and are being taken to end this pandemic faster. They need to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and this won’t last forever

3.     Bring structure to online school life

If you want your troubled teen to avoid some of the previous pitfalls and less dishonest methods we mentioned, it will help to reintroduce some proper structure into their life. Your educational institution has provided your child with some kind of e-learning school schedule. It might be time to take a closer look at what’s been laid out for them. Help your kid create a plan and to stick to it. What is vital is that it shouldn’t be focused merely on studying activity. Include various fun things you can do at home. Such activities serve as a great distraction from everything that is going on in the world right now. What is more, they will help you bond and become better friends. 

4.     Plan a vacation

Even though it’s not going to happen anytime soon, knowing that you have a bunch of ideas is pretty calming. What is more, it gives you a sense of purpose. Perhaps, your troubled teen will be less focused on acting out and more excited about upcoming trips or adventures you have in store.

5.     Start a hobby together

This helps you to know your teen better. As mentioned before, find a fun activity you can do together. Learn an instrument, teach them to juggle, play a new card game, do trivia quizzes. Use all that extra time you have together to find something new to bond over. And have a bit of fun yourself.

Distance learning has taken its toll on everyone, including teens. Show them that they are not alone, give them a little extra leniency and make it clear better days are just over the horizon. 

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