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5 Steps to Become the Best Mom You Can Be

The desire to be the world’s best mom is a wish that all moms hope will come true. As you journey through the challenging and rewarding process of motherhood, you realize there are about one million different ways to parent and be a good mom. Ultimately, to be the best mom you can be, you need to stay true to yourself and the values that matter the most to you. Here are five steps to becoming the best mom that you can be. 

1. Define your Values

Depending on the values you hold, the way that you parent will vary. If spirituality is essential to you, then you’ll want to share that with your kids. For others, the need for your crafty kids to have creative outlets is something else to instil. Consider the things that matter to you, particularly what matters most and how these things can show up in your kids’ lives. Stay away from trying to model your mothering based on someone else’s values and standards. 

2. Take Care of Yourself

To show up for those we love, we also have to prioritize our own needs and make sure we are always in the right state of mind. Eat the right food, keep a balanced and healthy diet, these good habits will rub off on your young ones. We know how exercise plays such a key factor in your overall health, so get involved where you can with your kid’s physical activities. And crucially, make sure that you schedule time each day dedicated to your well-being. Being a mom is a 24-hour job, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some time to relax in-between the hustle. This might be Yoga, watching a classic film or reading a fantasy novel. Maybe consider trying out different self-care methods such as these safe, natural CBD vape pens or CBD drops to help you unwind after diaper changes and soccer.

3. Keep a Photo Album

Not only will looking at photos of family time bring you joy, but a photo album can also serve as a reminder that you are doing the best you possibly can at being a mom. Seeing that you are continually showing up for your kids in picture form is a great way to prove that you are right where you should be. Take time organizing your photo album so that you can look back years from now and remember all the fun memories and how great of a mom you were then (and still are, now).

4. Stop Comparing Yourself

A downside of being a good mom is that you’re always comparing yourself to your neighbors, friends, and maybe even your own mother. Everyone has a different life and their own ways of doing things. Whatever you’re doing is right, there is no wrong way per se, as long as it’s aligned with what you feel matters. You don’t have to get your kids into the fanciest preschool or write them heartfelt notes with their lunches to show how much you care. Notice the things that you do well as a mom and be proud of them. Chances are, all the other moms are just as jealous of you as you are of them.

5. Check-in with your Kids

Sometimes being a mom can feel like being a housekeeper or a chauffeur. With everything you have to get done each day, you might forget to check-in and see how your kids are doing on an emotional level. While it’s essential to get your kids from place to place so they can discover more about themselves, you also need to make sure that their mental health and emotional states are intact. Before bedtime:

1. Ask your kids how they’re doing.

2. Ask if there’s anything they’d like to share with you, whatever it is. 

3. Remind them that you’re always there if they need you, no matter what, and that you love them so very much.

4. Read them one of their favorite books

Remembering to check-in on your kids is fundamental to good parenting. You never know what’s going on inside those brilliant little minds until you ask. Being a mother is a growing process. You’ll make mistakes, and you’ll also succeed. No mama’s perfect, but you can be the best mom you can be as long as you stay true to who you are and teach your kids all the values you feel matter most.  


Experience the growing process together with your child. Don’t become one of those mums who treat their child like a baby.

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