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Fun and simple activities for kids during Covid

As any parent knows, looking after kids is a tough job! It’s 24/7 and 365 days a year. The last year has certainly been a test for everyone, with the threat of the virus, job insecurity, and even more pressure on parents to keep it together. Offices of work and schoolyards have been eerily quiet in many parts of the country, with people spending more time than ever at that place we call home. Spending all those extra hours in the house with your loved ones can be an opportunity though. Not only can you learn some new skills together but have some fun with the extra bonding time that maybe wasn’t available before. The only problem is kids get bored, they need stimulation. Endless hours at home will only act as a multiplier to any restless bodies, young or old. So new and old ways to keep your kids entertained is not only important for them, but for yourself as well. 

So here are a few fun and simple activities, to keep your kids on the right track and to help alleviate the old lockdown blues. The good thing is once we get back to normality, you can still try them out too.

Be That Spark!

Wouldn’t it be great to find something you can do on a nightly basis over a week, that not only entertains but educates? Well, we have found just that in “A Little Spark”, delivering on both fronts.

A little spark is a multisensory, interactive experience for children through the age-old art of storytelling. The overarching message that underpins the book is to “Be that spark” and the importance of sharing with your family. One of the many lessons your kids will learn throughout the 160-page story, packed with neat illustrations, original songs, and an award-winning audiobook. Its length between story and chapter book means it can be a source of fun and entertainment over multiple nights for a week or any which way you like to space the ten chapters out.

The books are made with QR codes embedded throughout the pages that link to a custom-made soundtrack to elevate and enhance the reading experience. The catchy soundtrack written by Chris Parsons is complemented by illustrated music videos to match that you can find on their website and Youtube. Overall the book is a magical experience combining fantasy, action, and a good dose of adventure. Sprinkled with all-important life lessons tailor-made to resonate with children of all ages. We highly recommend you head to the Be that Spark website. Find out everything else you need to know and how to get a copy by clicking here for their homepage.

Check out the ” A Little Spark” trailer on youtube below

4 year old kid activities

* Food Colouring Spray Paint

By mixing food coloring with water, you create an art medium that is easy to clean and fun to play with. This can keep your kids occupied for hours. Give your kids their food coloring spray paint, and put out some large paper on the lawn and let them paint all over their paper -and maybe some of the gardens too. This is all safe for kids, safe for your garden, easy to wash, and easy on your wallet. Kids enjoy activities like this because they get to be creative and make a mess without too much concern. This is very quick and easy to prepare with just water, food coloring, and paper. You’ll have your kids busy in no time, so this is a great activity when you’re in a bit of a pinch.

* Finger Painting

Finger painting is a craft we have all done and loved. Kids love getting to use their hands and really get stuck in to what they’re doing. For this activity, you just need paper, some non-toxic paint, and an area for your kids to paint. This is a fantastic activity to get some good tactile stimulation for your kid whilst they just enjoy getting messy and painting with their fingers. This activity can keep your kids busy for hours and it only takes a few minutes to set up. 

Sock Snakes are fun

These fun toys can be made with a bunch of old socks. All you’ll need is some old socks, a sewing needle, thread, and perhaps some googly eyes or buttons. This can either be a shared activity with you and your younger child, or older children can do this themselves with supervision. Cut your socks open into a shape that can be sewn against other material. Once you have cut all your socks open, place them in any way you like, and then sew them all together, forming a rectangle. Then, sew the two long sides together, forming a tube, and then sew one more sock on the end for the face. Stuff the open end of the sock snake with whatever you can find that would be appropriate for stuffing, then sew up the open end, stick some eyes on it, and you’ve got a sock snake! This could be a rather time-consuming task and could be completed over a few days. Your kids will feel a great sense of accomplishment after finishing this.

Bake to your heart’s content

Baking is such a rewarding activity, as you get to spend quality time together whilst also making a delicious treat. I know when I was a child, I loved to bake cakes, especially the taste testing part! The bonus is that baking allows kids to make use of measuring cups, play with flour, and so much more. This activity stimulates the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and hands. While baking cannot be done by the child alone, it can be a tiresome task for the kid as they’ve got to pay attention. This is a simple activity as all you need to do is look up a recipe for your favorite treat online and follow the instructions. 

There are countless ways to entertain kids, it’s a little too easy to stick an Ipad in their face these days and think that is enough. Something that allows interaction is a much healthier and ultimately more rewarding way to keep the kids amused. So try them out; they aren’t just good for your time in lockdown, but when the world returns and our busy lives get back to the way they were.