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Home Jungle: Helping House Plants Stay Alive and Thrive

Plant parents understand all too well that keeping a houseplant alive, let alone helping it thrive, isn’t easy. Home Jungle is a three-part system of natural ingredients that creates a thriving ecosystem for houseplants. It’s plant health without fertilizers. 

Home Jungle’s organic and naturally sourced ingredients make it completely safe for use in your home. Unlike poisonous chemical fertilizers, it is completely safe around kids, pets, and even on edible plants. 

Plants bring feelings of vitality and vibrance. Interest in houseplants has always been high, but enthusiasm has grown significantly over the last year and a half as more people realize that cultivating greenery in their living space is therapeutic. Studies show that it’s a hobby capable of boosting relaxation, happiness, and attentiveness. A living environment or workspace that includes plant life brings a positive outlook and helps provide people with a boost of feeling more alive and active.

House plants have proven psychological and physical health benefits that include:

  • Improving your mood
  • Reducing fatigue
  • Lowering stress and anxiety
  • Improving office performance and focus
  • Boosting healing and pain tolerance
  • Minimizing the frequency of headaches by improving air quality
  • Easing dry skin and respiratory ailments due to dry air

There are no raw, synthetic, or chemical materials in the Home Jungle system. The Living Soil mix replenishes dirt with an organic nutrient mix that is rich in micronutrients and microbes. The Plant Nutrients Feedwater mix provides a wide array of targeted minerals and micronutrients, while the Canopy Mist supplies foliar feeding to ensure plants’ leaves absorb vital nutrients. The Home Jungle system simulates a natural ecosystem for leaves, roots, and soil. 

Many people have recently made a permanent transition to working from home, and ensuring plants are healthy throughout your home or in your home office, has become even more valued. Increased oxygenation thanks to house plants can improve mood, energy, and mental focus. There is a positive correlation between having indoor plants in an office space and improved work performance. House plants not only enliven the aesthetic of a room but also help people feel better and work better.

Digging deeper into the plant science behind Home Jungle

Home Jungle defeats dead dirt. Without constant care, the soil in a plants’ pot will degrade. Plants need the nutrients, moisture, and texture from robust, living soil. Mycorrhizae, the fungus that decomposes organic material to naturally replenish a forest floor, forms a symbiosis with the plants’ roots. This symbiotic relationship between a plant’s roots and the soil allows the plant to healthily uptake feedwater and nutrients. Home Jungle’s Living Soil ensures the dirt in the pot is rich, microbially abundant, and organic. 

Plants need a wide array of minerals and nutrients to thrive. Home Jungle skips toxic chemicals. Chemical fertilizers try and fail to synthetically recreate what’s naturally present in a forest’s groundwater. But less than half of the minerals and nutrients from fertilizers are absorbed by the plants; the rest washes out to create environmental pollution. Organic nutrient sources provide a naturally slow-release through microbial metabolism, providing long-lasting, full-spectrum plant nutrition without the risk of chemical burn. Home Jungle is impossible to over apply. 

Caring for houseplants is as easy as shake, water, mist.

The team of botanists and plant chemists at Bloom City have developed a fundamentally better way to care for your plants. With natural ingredients, you’ll end up watering your plants less while also enjoying healthier soil and vibrant greenery. 

Bloom City sprouted six years ago to address long-standing pollution problems in the fertilizer industry. Chemical fertilizers are short-sighted, they feed plants for one season but kill off soil microbiology and pollute rivers, lakes, and the oceans. There’s also pollution related to their industrial chemical manufacturing processes.

Bloom City is working to fix those aforementioned problems with a simple strategy: look to nature’s thriving ecosystems for inspiration. Home Jungle pairs organic minerals with soil probiotics to maximize plant health without relying on harsh chemical additives.

“Plant-care goes beyond water and sunlight, but it can be time consuming and tricky, so we developed a simple, naturally effective system to keep houseplants alive and thriving,” said James Kelly, co-founder of Home Jungle.

Ideal for anyone, from beginner green thumbs to house plant pros, Home Jungle recreates a plant’s natural environment right in its pot.

Home Jungle has been trusted by more than 100,000 Amazon customers. It’s been serving gardeners and growers since 2015. You can pre-order Home Jungle now by clicking here