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Why Is the UFO in the Photos Blurred?

Have you ever wondered why camera resolution has developed over time while Mars, aliens, and UFO photos have remained blurry for decades? Well, that has been one of the trending topics on Twitter over the past few months. Over the years, we have seen the growth of technology from traditional cell phones to the modern smartphone, from land-based casinos to online casinos where you can play popular games like gry kasynowe jackpot online, etc. In short, we have seen significant changes in the technology industry in almost all fields, well, until the recent UFO photos.

It all began with Tesla boss Elon Musk’s controversial Tweet on the leaked Pentagon’s UFO footage. He started by posting a meme graph showing how there never seems to be any 1080p HD resolution videos of UFO or aliens photos. In the tweet were two graphs showing how camera resolution has improved over time, with the line going upwards. The second graph showed how UFO footage has always stayed constant, never improving. If you’re looking for kasyno online opinie, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why the UFO in the photos is blurred.

Usually, his fans would agree with almost every tweet he posts, but some of his fans opposed his tweet this time around. Scientists, fans, and other celebrities strongly disagreed with his comment. The main argument is that cameras have evolved and advanced over the years that we can even carry them in our pockets then why is it difficult to achieve a decent and clear UFO picture. Well, several theories are surrounding this topic, and we are going to cover some of them, even the craziest ones.

Alien Technology Is Used to Blur the Photos

According to some people, aliens seem to be jamming our technology to take images with their advanced equipment. We do not know anything about aliens, but if that is so, then we need to borrow some of their skills and knowledge in their super technology. 

Because UFO’s Do Not Exist

We do not know whether the unidentified flying objects we have seen over the years are real or not. It is a never-ending debate with others supporting why the objects are real, while others believe none such things exist. 

UFOs Are Badly Photoshopped

Remember when there were rumors that the moon landing was fake? Well, some groups of critics online believe that the UFOs are blurred because they are photoshopped.

The Photos Are Taken at a Distance

When you see something strange flying in the air, then will you rush into your house to get your tripod and DSLR to get pictures? We do not think so. By the time you are back, then there is a chance that the object will be gone. Moreover, the photos are taken at some distance. Remember that the atmosphere is filled with clouds, and more light is refracted. This might make the pictures blurry, hence unbelievable.

Why is the UFO in the photos blurred? Well, no one knows for sure. It might be true that it is indeed time to get serious and develop a technology that will show us an Identified Flying Object (IFO). Or else, if blurry, then we will continue thinking of them as fake, photoshopped aliens, saucers, or other unimaginable things.