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Alcohol Detoxification: How Does it Work?

For people who are struggling with alcoholism or alcohol addiction, the first step toward the road to recovery is the alcohol Detox Austin treatment program. Detoxification is the process of eliminating alcohol from the body safely under medical supervision. When a person goes through the detoxification process, withdrawal symptoms occur.

These withdrawal symptoms can be mild or severe, depending upon numerous factors such as how often the person drinks, whether the person has co-occurring disorders, and more. Going through detoxification on your own can be life-threatening. Therefore, it is recommended to join the alcohol Detox Austin Texas treatment program, followed by rehabilitation and therapy to overcome the addiction.

What is The Timeline for Alcohol Detoxification?

The alcohol detoxification process can take up to a week, depending upon the severity of the addiction. The miner withdrawal symptoms begin to occur within the six hours of the last drink. If a person has been a heavy drinker, they can even face withdrawal symptoms like seizures and tremors. Some people experience severe withdrawal symptoms within 48 hours to 72 hours of detoxification. Therefore, it is important to have medical assistance from the professionals at Alcohol Rehab Austin to successfully complete the treatment program.

What are The Benefits of Detoxification in a Rehab Facility?

  1. It can help ease anxiety from those close to an addict.
  2. Drug rehab has also been known to reduce stress.
  3. A benefit of Rehab treatment is much stronger than most people think; it can help eliminate panic attacks, nervousness, and anxiety attacks associated with being around a drug addict.
  4. It improves the social skills of addicts, which in turn can help them get better jobs after rehabilitation.
  5. Increased self-confidence and self-esteem.
  6. Better relationships with family and friends.
  7. New life skills and abilities will help them succeed in the future.
  8. Better health systems can be more effective when they have been through a drug rehab program.

Other Benefits Come With Rehab Treatment

Blood pressure: Blood pressure can be lowered as a result of detoxifying.

Mental health: Your mental health will improve when you switch from eating junk to eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in processed foods, fat, caffeine, and alcohol.

Physical health: Detoxing can help boost your immune system and can help reduce the likelihood of getting sick.

Better sleep: The body has been working to cleanse itself of toxins while you’re fasting, and this will make you feel more alert and awake during the day.

Maintain a healthy weight: It’s not uncommon for people who detox to lose weight without trying. This is because the body rids itself of excess weight, fat, water, and toxins that have accumulated through years of eating unhealthy food.

After detoxification treatment, it is advised to join the sober living Austin facility to continue receiving the urgent care a person needs to stay sober. Addiction can have a significant effect on physical and mental health that produces risky complications and uncomfortable symptoms. Get the Detox under professional help, and overcome the alcohol addiction safely.