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Things You Should Do When Moving Out of a Rented Property

You’ve done it! You’ve finally saved up enough money to move out of your rented property, and you can now go on to the next chapter in your life. We know how much this means to you, so we’ve put together a list of things that you should do to ensure a smooth transition.

Tell Your Landlord in Advance That You Are Moving Out

Give your landlord as early notice as much as possible that you are moving out. This way, they can try to find a new tenant sooner and will be more likely to put your security deposit towards the next potential renter. It is also helpful if you give your landlord a forwarding address so they can send any mail or important documents you may have left behind.

Take All Your Belongings

Whatever you do, don’t leave behind anything. It is hard to replace things once you are gone. Make sure to take pictures of your belongings before moving out, so you can refer back to them if any questions need answering later on.

Collect Your Security Deposit

When moving out, remember that your landlord will hold onto your security deposit for an amount of time to cover any damages that you may have caused while living on the property. They will expect you to leave the property in good condition and deduct any repairs from your deposit. If you have to move in with family or friends, remember to ask them ahead of time whether they will be willing to cover the costs of fixing your place up.

Clean Up

Don’t leave behind any trash, broken appliances, or anything else your landlord might have had to pay for while living there. Try to clean up as much as possible before you leave but If you don’t have time or can’t do it by yourself you can hire a professional move out cleaning company like Duty Cleaners, so it doesn’t appear that anything was squandered away without any thought when you are gone. This will mark the end of lease cleaning services you might have used in the past and help save your landlord money.

Do Not Trash Your Place

You do not have to trash everything you own when you move out of a rental property, but if you put it on the curb outside or in the garbage, your landlord may end up having to replace it with something else when they are ready to accept new tenants. Always put items in your car and take them to your new place after cleaning them, so no one at home will have reason to feel unsafe about the condition of your house.

Leave Your Address

Make sure that you leave your address at the apartment complex so there are no problems with mail when you move. It is also a good idea to leave a forwarding address and a phone number if the landlord or someone else has any questions. You can always feel free to change your address later when you have moved into your new place, but it will make it easier on everyone if you have some contact information available right away.

Take Pictures of Your Apartment

You can take pictures of your apartment’s state, but remember to do so while you are moving out. If you live in a place with no landlord, it will be difficult for you to prove that your rent was not included in expenses or used towards some other purpose if your landlord wants more money. Any additional deductions from your deposit must be accounted for at your move-out inspection when both you and your landlord will sign off on an official document detailing what money was leftover or used up.

Find a Good Realtor

Once you have packed up your belongings, held an inspection, and paid off your rent as possible, give it some thought before deciding whether or not to find an excellent real estate agent.

This is because the services that they provide are not available for free. You will likely be asked to cover their expenses if you decide to list your property for sale later. This is because anyone who offers their service for free will have less incentive to sell homes since there is no money in it for them.