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30+ Father’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Dad

Father’s Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time to get your gift-giving game plan together. The key to getting dad a present that knocks his socks off is to focus on his personality. Is he into a specific sport, band, TV franchise or type of food? Does he spend his free time at the gym, lake, record store or a specific restaurant? The best thing you can do to honor your dad is skip the generic gift and give him soAmething picked specifically for him! Here are some ideas to get your wheels spinning.

For the Writer Dad

For the writer dad, there are plenty of great gift ideas out there! Here are a few that we think would be perfect for him. Made in USA fountain pen is a great gift idea for the writer dad. He can use it to write down his thoughts or drafts, and it will always give him a unique and special writing experience. Plus, it’s something he’ll treasure and use often.Another great gift idea for the writer dad is a journal. He can use it to store all his thoughts and drafts, as well as to share them with others. Journals are also great tools for self-reflection, so the writer dad will benefit from using one regularly.

For the Foodie Dad

Your dad might be a foodie if he’s constantly cooking up big feasts for the whole family or making you check out the hottest new restaurant in town. Food-loving fathers are all about their toolkit, so start by giving him the utensils or ingredients he needs to master his craft.

●     A new set of grill tools to honor his inner pitmaster.

●     A gift card to his favorite local butcher or specialty shop.

●     Some high-quality tableware to help him become the host with the most.

●     A home-cooked dinner featuring his favorite foods.

●     A cookbook by his favorite chef or grill pro.

●     A home beer brewing or wine-making kit.

●     Food items from a special bakery or deli from afar. Tip: Check out companies that ship food from small businesses around the country, such as Goldbelly.

For the Sporty Dad

Sporty dads spend their weekends hitting the gym, evaluating stats or meeting up with buddies at the pub to catch the playoffs. If you want to surprise your sports-loving pops, get him something that encourages him to root for his team like the true fan he is.

●     Tickets to a game for his favorite pro sports team.

●     A subscription to a streaming service that shows his favorite sports.

●     A jersey in honor of his favorite player.

●     A new pair of running shoes or some stylish gym apparel.

●     A high-tech new water bottle that keeps his beverages cold.

●     A durable cooler he can take tailgating or to the game.

For the Stylish Dad

Stylish dads know that every event is an opportunity to debut a new look. Enrich his wardrobe with some high-quality leather accessories or a gift card to his favorite shop. A stylish new tie is a classic Father’s Day present, but it’s not the only way to go!

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●     A new leather wallet or briefcase to keep him looking sharp.

●     A trendy phone case to protect his phone and add some style.

●     A gift card to his favorite clothing shop or tailor.

●     A new pair of dress shoes or running shoes to keep him on his feet.

●     A new pair of stylish sunglasses to usher in summer.

●     A cool new baseball hat featuring his favorite team or brand.

For the Artsy Dad

Artsy dads are the ones who spend their free time creating. Whether they’re into wood-turning, ceramics or making their own instruments, these are the dads who absolutely live and breathe the DIY lifestyle. Get him something to support his craft or to encourage his love of exploring art.

●     A portrait of the two of you together. Bonus points if you paint it yourself!

●     An art set featuring the tools and supplies he uses to make his art.

●     A cool coffee table book featuring his favorite cars, artists or landscapes.

●     A custom art print, such as one featuring his favorite record.

●     An outing to a local art museum or gallery to inspire him.

●     A Master Class subscription so he can learn a new art form, like writing or photography.

For the Techy Dad

Your 21st century dad has no patience for low-tech devices and finds any excuse to try a new gadget. Luckily, virtually every tool, appliance and home essential comes in a techy version these days — smart toaster, anyone? — which means you can help transform your dad’s home into a high-tech smart house relatively easily.

●     A smart home hub with a Bluetooth speaker and voice-activated controls.

●     Some smart light bulbs that dad can control from his phone.

●     A high-tech toaster that alerts your phone when your food is done.

●     High-tech lawn tools, such as a lawn mower or weed whacker.

●     A pair of high-end binoculars for birding, concerts and more.

●     A wearable fitness tracker that will help him track his health and give you peace of mind.

For the Music-Loving Dad

Whether dad plays in a band on the weekends or spends hours meandering through the local record shop, your music-loving dad will be absolutely thrilled by any of the gifts below. Make sure to focus on his preferred genre, listening style or artist.

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●     Tickets to a concert of a band or artist he adores.

●     A waterproof Bluetooth speaker he can take with him everywhere.

●     A new pair of Bluetooth headphones to help him rock out.

●     A gift card to his favorite local record store or music venue.

●     A special edition release of his favorite album.

●     An old tape deck or 8-track player so he can rock his old media.

●     A gift card to a media digitizing service so he can digitize old tapes, records and more.

Personalizing Presents for Your Dad

The reality is that no two dads are alike, so skip the boring gift card or tie and instead give him something hand-picked based on his interests and style. Take any of the above ideas and add a personalized flair to really knock it out of the park this Father’s Day!