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4 Essay Writing Tips for ESL Students


Studying English can be pretty hard for international students. Foreign learners have a lot of challenges on their path to graduation. Preparing for all possible tasks is better so you won’t waste any time in the future. On the other hand, it’s impossible to know what your professors might have planned for you in the future! All assignments have their differences and challenges.

There is one thing for certain: you will have to write a lot of essays! Not a lot of students like this type of assignment. It’s hard enough to put your thoughts on paper in a cohesive manner when you are a native speaker. You can only imagine the struggles that foreign students have to go through to create a perfect paper for their classes!

Of course, when ESL students feel overwhelmed with their learning process, they can always ask for outside help. For example, online writing services can be a great solution to this problem. You can delegate some of your homework to an expert writer online and focus on other tasks that need your attention. This is a life-saving tip for many learners!

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Still, having trouble with written college assignments? Read on to learn about four essay-writing tips for ESL students!

What Does ESL Mean?

Let’s start with the basics here! The abbreviation ESL means ‘English as a second language. In simpler words, it’s used to define those pupils who speak a different language than English. Many ESL learners in US colleges don’t speak English daily with their families and friends. Still, they shouldn’t be excluded from a normal learning process!

There are certain challenges that ESL pupils might have to deal with daily. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • not enough English classes or extracurricular activities;
  • cultural shock because of different backgrounds;
  • not enough time for their homework because they have to translate everything (at least in their minds);
  • possible exclusions from other social groups.

Best Essay Writing Tips for ESL Learners

You can see how much ESL pupils have on their plates already. There is no reason to add more complicated tasks to this list! You can look for the best essay service review on NoCramming and ask for professional homework help. But if you want to try your hand at this type of assignment, here are some tips for you!

Prepare in Advance

Any kind of written academic assignment shouldn’t be a surprise for college learners. You will be completing this type of homework until you graduate. For this reason, don’t wait for your first academic writing task to learn the basics of it! It’s always a great idea to read up on this topic in advance, for example, about different types of essays, references, etc.

Use the Same Writing Plan and Structure

It’s no secret that college professors look for consistency and substance in their assignments. Sure, there are different types of essays, like descriptive, comparative, argumentative, and so on. At the same time, they all require a similar basic structure. Your grade might be much lower if you fail to follow the writing order! Here is what needs to be included in every paper:

  • heading with your credentials;
  • introduction;
  • thesis statement, which is the most important sentence in your paper;
  • several body paragraphs that support your arguments;
  • conclusion, which needs to repeat the introduction with your deductions;
  • works cited page in accordance with the chosen referencing style.

Understand Your Writing Speed and Rhythm

As an ESL learner, you might need more time to complete your homework than the rest of the class. Sometimes teachers won’t give you any extra time because of that, so you need to have an effective schedule! First, try to find out how long it takes to read all the instructions and prepare a plan. Then, set a couple of days aside for the actual writing.

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Setting one more day for proofreading and possible revisions is always a great idea. You might not think that you need to read your essay one more time, but small mistakes often tend to get lost when you work on something for several days straight. Also, many online services can help students with proofreading, grammar, and plagiarism checks.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask For Help!

Most of your classmates and professors will gladly offer their advice if you ask them. Everybody understands how hard it is to get your diploma, especially when you don’t speak the language as well as everybody else around you. In addition, some teachers offer additional studying materials for ESL learners that can help them organize their studying process.

To Sum Up

Now you know 4 main essay writing tips for ESL students! In reality, many pupils who speak English as their first language also have trouble with their academic writing assignments. The tips in this list can be applied to anyone who wants to get better at this particular type of homework! The only difference is that ESL students must work twice as hard on them.