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Finding the Popular City for Your Lifestyle, California

When someone has the desire to change the place of living in California, it’s required to consider many issues to make the right choice. The location and conditions should be suitable for you and meet your personal preferences. Thus, before organizing your move, consider the most important factors.

How to Choose the Right Place to Live

California is a unique place where we can find diverse locations with various landscapes, facilities, and even weather conditions. Here, you can find everything – from picturesque small towns to impressive megalopolises. If you want to live in the best area of California, it’s required to understand the peculiarities of each type of location and factors to pay attention to. Let’s observe them together with recommendations from the best moving companies to help you decide where to move.

Near the Sea

Many people dream of living near the sea to have a chance to breathe the fresh air and enjoy long relaxing walks along the beach. The Golden State can offer over 800 miles of coastline. It means that the state can offer a wide range of diverse locations by the beach. To deal with such diversity and find the best place for a lifestyle move, professional local movers recommend considering the following issues:

· Safety

· Employment opportunities

· Entertainment facilities

· School ranking

· Community diversity.

Not every part of the coast is the same. While being situated along the Pacific Coast, various areas of it have different conditions and things to offer. For instance, the northern part of the California coastline is more untamed and chilly. It’s an ideal place for people who like surfing. At the same time, Southern California is much warmer and more crowded. It is attractive for divers and those who adore sunbathing.

If you are looking for some rest and privacy, there’s no problem in finding a small and peaceful bay to live away from the crowded beaches. Large cities are also at your service. Take a closer look at popular Los Angeles, where life is in full swing.

Among the best locations on the California coastline, local moving companies distinguish the following:

· Benicia

· Goleta

· Manhattan Beach

·  Santa Cruz

· Santa Barbara

· Laguna Beach

· Santa Monica

· Seal Beach (a suburb of LA).

Big City

Large cities in California are luxurious, crowded, and quite expensive. If you are ready for that, then the perfect locations for a lifestyle move might become San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Silicon Valley, and Malibu. These are the perfect places for professionals with high-paying jobs.

Big cities are the best solution for active people who are ready to enjoy a fast pace of life.

Such places are always crowded, and don’t have a second to rest. They offer a wide range of national parks and other awesome attractions. When choosing a definite location to move to, it’s advisable to consider the population and crime rate. Among the most attractive cities for families, local movers call:

· Irvine

· San Diego

· Berkley

· Pasadena

· Sacramento, etc.

Small Town

People looking for peace and privacy often opt for small and pleasant towns in California. There’re no crowds and bustle in them compared to megalopolises. It’s possible to find both coastal and mountain towns in the Golden State. Just one visit to such picturesque places makes people want to stay forever. The majority of locations have a rich history and offer many interesting things, from vibrant arts scenes to agricultural attractions.

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Small towns are hidden gems, which attract by their virgin nature, beautiful valleys, majestic mountains, and peaceful beaches. Such locations might be found in various parts of California, so everyone can choose one in accordance with their taste. Moving companies California defines the most popular towns selected by people who dream of moving and changing their lifestyles:

· Arcata (in the north of California)

· Half Moon Bay (a nice ocean community not far from San Francisco)

· Ojai (located in a valley by the Topatopa Mountains)

· St. Helena (a small town that still offers rich downtown with premium restaurants and chic stores)

· Sonoma (offers magnificent colonial architecture along with nice restaurants and boutiques).

Busy Life

California is one of the states which can offer rich and busy life almost everywhere – from small towns to big cities. However, if you truly want to feel the rhythm of life, it’s better to choose larger megalopolises, such as San Francisco or Los Angeles. Crowded and fast, they never sleep and won’t let you have too much rest. Such locations are full of job opportunities, entertainment facilities, national parks, and other attractions. Besides, they are also known for their amazing nightlife with a great number of nightclubs and significant events.

Certain smaller cities can also offer a sort of diversity. For example, such towns as Laguna Beach attract both tourists and celebrities. Laguna Beach is an artist colony. It’s known for its Heisler Park and the many types of recreation available to people.

Affordable Accommodation

The accommodation costs are diverse across the country. This issue should always be taken into account when organizing your move. Such cities as San Francisco are the most expensive. The annual income for a family of 4 should be 90,000 USD on average to comfortably live. It’s always possible to opt for more affordable cities – for instance, LA. There, $77,000 yearly will be just enough.

For even more affordable accommodation prices, it’s better to opt for small towns. You can purchase a pretty house there and enjoy the surrounding nature with a moderate income. Experts call the cheapest areas to live in CA:

· Bakersfield

· Sacramento

· Eureka

· Richmond

· Long Beach

An average 2-bedroom rent will be lower than 2,000 USD in these locations.


The area has primarily a Mediterranean climate, which is characterized by dry and hot summers and wet & mild winters. During the cold seasons, the temperature is 50-60 °F on average. At the same time, the weather strongly depends on the area due to the diversity of landscapes. Thus, the driest place in CA is Death Valley. The summer temperature there is about 118 °F.

The most stable and comfortable to live in in terms of weather are San Diego and Santa Barbara. They are characterized by stable temperatures around the year and rare rainfalls. The other pleasant areas for relocation are Sacramento, Santa Monica, Irvine, and Fremont.