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Design Beautiful Cards in Minutes: 5 Practical Tips


During the card’s design process, you must pay close attention to plenty of different details. Such elements as fonts, shapes, color schemes, illustrations, images, and many more, including free fonts, should be considered and created. However, most of the time, it is hard to come up with creative ideas to make cards on your own, or you simply do not have enough time or talent for that craft. Various online graphic editors can come up with a perfect solution in this case. You can easily resort to the card maker at Vista Create to design almost anything you wish.

This brief post has got you covered with some practical design tips for your amazing cards. So keep on reading to learn how to easily design any card online from scratch!

Tip #1: Brainstorm First

When it comes time to design a card, the first thing you need to do is brainstorm over the event it will be created for, whether it is:

● anniversary;

● wedding;

● birthday;

● New Year;

● International Women’s Day;

● or Valentine’s Day, etc.

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The brainstorming point is crucial because if you run into the designing process without any proper planning, there is a big chance you will do something weird or even inappropriate. For instance, if your objective is to do a birthday invitation, find some time to sit and think over the future event thoroughly. Where is the holiday location? What is the person’s age? What is their current relationship with you? That way, you can make an initial sketch of your creation. Then it will be much easier to implement the most captivating ideas into the visual composition of your card.

Tip #2: Consider Enough White Space

One of the other most important principles to follow when it comes to making a card is that there should be as many white spaces as possible. The reason for that is quite apparent. Uncluttered design is always more easily perceived by the human eye. Consequently, you should give careful consideration to the balance of white space, text, and all other essential elements of your creation.

Tip #3: Carefully Think Over the Text

While the visual appeal of your creation is important, the text message is where your card really shines. Moreover, its design should focus on making the presentation of your text as beautiful as possible. For this reason, it is crucial that the fonts and font frames you use for your text design process accurately convey the card’s main purpose. That is why it is also important to double-check that your card’s message is right before delving into creativity.

Tip #4: Add the Appropriate Color Scheme

Did you know that color is the very first thing your subconscious picks up when presented with a new object? In other words, color alone and not form, material, text, formatting, structure, etc. Therefore, it is important that the colors you use in the composition of your creation be appropriate for the event.

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Sometimes it can be challenging to settle on the correct color scheme, though. In that case, you can consider using color palette generator tools to make the process easier and quicker. But do not be swept away by all the exciting color choices; simply pick a color scheme that works best with the overall look and feel of your creation.

Tip #5: Prioritize Simplicity over Complexity

The last but important point is not to make your creation look luxurious, exotic, or sophisticated too much. If the whole composition is made with clean and simple details, ample white space, and gentle color schemes, it will go a long way.

Moreover, with a proper message inserted that includes brief sentences that are put into the composition using minimalist fonts, the overall invitation feel will be much better. Refrain from adding too many distracting composition elements, a plethora of vivid colors, or large text; prefer the simplicity of your creation instead. That is the approach that always works great!

Final Say

Keep all these tips in mind when creating your cards in the online graphic editor next time. Surprise your family with a wonderful birthday invitation, send unique cards for the holiday party to your pals, and organize a memorable date by giving a special card to your beloved one!