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The Many Uses and Types of Fragrances

People have been using fragrances for a variety of reasons for thousands of years, dating back to the ancient Greeks who created the first liquid form of perfume. The modern use of perfumes started in the late 19th century when aroma compounds such as vanilla began to be commercially synthesized. Today, personal fragrances for men, women, and even children are part of a lucrative industry that includes a variety of products and uses.

Fragrance Types

Many people may not realize that there are different categories of perfumes, based on the levels of fragrance concentration and the resulting intensity. Perfumes available at LaBelle Perfumes can be broken down into five main types.


With the highest concentration of essential oils (20-30%), parfum is also known simply as “perfume.” It is oilier and heavier than other categories of fragrance. It is the most expensive available at LaBelle Perfumes due to the intensity of its scent and its ability to hold its fragrance for up to 24 hours. The formulation also includes less alcohol, so it is generally safe for those with sensitive skin.

Eau de Parfum

Less pricey than perfume, this category of fragrance has a slightly lower concentration of oils, including 15-20% of parfum extract. Eau de parfum can be expected to last up to 8 hours and is still recommended for sensitive skin, although its alcohol content is slightly higher than that in perfume.

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Eau de Toilette

The most popular type of perfume available, this fragrance category, is very light, fairly inexpensive, and generally available at LaBelle Perfumes in spray bottles. The parfum extract in eau de toilette is between 5 and 15%, and the scent usually only lasts 2-4 hours.

Eau de Cologne

This fragrance category is one of the lightest available, with essential oil content between 2 and 4%. While the word “cologne” has become associated with masculine scents, there is plenty of feminine eau de colognes on the market. They are fairly inexpensive, last for up to two hours, and are usually sold in large bottles.

Eau Fraiche

The name of this fragrance category means “fresh water,” which is the main ingredient in this diluted formula with less than 3% of parfum extract. It is generally used to freshen up and will only last about an hour.

Fragrance Uses

Fragrances are everywhere, and everyone has their own reasons for enjoying them. Most people are aware that the use of perfumes and colognes will improve their personal scent, but there are other advantages that are less intuitive.

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Here are some of the most popular benefits of using the fragrances available at LaBelle Perfumes.

  1. Boost Confidence: A pleasant fragrance can help someone feel more confident about themself.
  2. Create a Mood: Fragrance helps to set the stage or create a mood, whether it is on a person or in the air.
  3. Create Attraction: Some perfumes contain pheromones, which may function as an aphrodisiac.
  4. Improve Mental Health: Scent is known to trigger a memory, which can be used for visualization strategies. It has also been shown to enhance mood and help reduce stress.

Experience these benefits for yourself by trying a new scent. A large selection of perfumes from all categories can be found at a discounted price at LaBelle Perfumes.

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