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tripping blonde a travel and lifestyle blog

This heading is a straightforward repetition of the title itself. It explains that the blog is centred around travel and lifestyle and is geared towards modern women. By offering tips and recommendations on the latest travel destinations, fashion, beauty, and wellness trends, this blog aims to inspire and empower women to live their best lives.

Pro Tip: If you’re a modern girl looking for tips and inspiration, be sure to check out this blog for all things travel and lifestyle.


Travelling can be one of the most rewarding experiences for modern women. It can provide you with a great opportunity to explore new cultures and traditions, while also helping you to gain a different perspective on various aspects of the world.

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of travelling and provide advice to help women make their adventures as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Tripping Blonde A Travel and Lifestyle Blog

Solo travelling can be a liberating and empowering experience for women, and there are many safe and exciting destinations around the world that are perfect for solo female travellers.

Here are the top 5 countries to visit as a solo female traveller:

Country Description
Japan This country is known for its low crime rate, friendly locals, and efficient transportation system.
Canada Canada is known for its natural beauty, diverse culture, and friendly locals who speak English and French.
Costa Rica This Central American country is known for its stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and eco-tourism opportunities.
New Zealand This island nation is known for its outdoor adventures, friendly locals, and stunning landscapes.
Ireland Ireland offers stunning landscapes, vibrant cities, and a rich culture and history, making it a perfect destination for solo female travellers.

How to make the most out of a short weekend getaway

Weekend getaways can be a great opportunity to escape your daily routine, recharge your batteries, and explore new places even if you don’t have much time. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your short weekend getaway:

Plan ahead of time – make a list of activities, accommodations, and transportation you’ll need during the trip.
Choose a weekend with an extra day off to maximise your time away.
Opt for a destination within driving distance to save time and hassle.
Be ready to compromise – you may not have time to see everything, prioritise activities according to your interests.
Pack light – bring only the essentials to minimise your time spent packing and unpacking.
Enjoy the journey – take advantage of every minute of your trip and make lasting memories.

The best budget-friendly accommodations for your next trip

When planning your next trip, finding the right accommodation can make all the difference in your budget. Here are some of the best budget-friendly accommodations for your next trip.

Hostels: Hostels are affordable and offer a range of options, including dormitories, private rooms, and communal spaces. They also provide opportunities to meet fellow travellers.
Vacation Rentals: Vacation rental platforms like Airbnb and VRBO allow travellers to rent homes, apartments, or rooms directly from property owners. These can be budget-friendly options, especially for longer stays or larger groups.
Guesthouses: Guesthouses are small, family-owned accommodations that typically offer affordable rates and a more personal experience than larger hotels. They are often found in rural areas or smaller towns.
Camping: Camping is a great option for nature lovers and budget-conscious travellers. National and state parks offer campsites for tent or RV camping, often with stunning natural settings.

Pro Tip: Be sure to read reviews and compare prices before booking to find the best budget-friendly accommodation that meets your needs.


Being a modern girl in today’s world can be tough – between working hard and having a busy social life, it’s hard to find the time to enjoy your life. However, having a travel and lifestyle blog can help you take control of your life and take time out for yourself. Through this blog, you can learn how to live a more balanced life and make time for the things that make you happy.

Let’s explore what this lifestyle blog can do for you.

10 must-have items for the ultimate travel experience

Travelling can be stressful, but having the right items can make all the difference in your experience. Here are 10 must-have items for the ultimate travel experience.

1. Neck pillow: A neck pillow is essential for long flights or car rides.
2. Noise-cancelling headphones: Block out noisy environments and relax with your favourite tunes.
3. Portable charger: Keep your devices charged on the go.
4. Reusable water bottle: Stay hydrated and avoid buying single-use plastic bottles.
5. Packing cubes: Stay organised and save space in your luggage.
6. Travel-size toiletries: Save space and comply with TSA regulations.
7. Comfortable walking shoes: Explore your destination in comfort.
8. Universal adapter: Keep your electronics charged in different countries.
9. Camera: Capture memories and moments to last a lifetime.
10. Travel journal: Document your experiences and create a personal keepsake.

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle while travelling

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while travelling is crucial to keep your mind and body refreshed and energised throughout your journey. Here are some tips to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle while travelling.

1. Stay hydrated: Dehydration can cause fatigue and headaches that can ruin your trip. So, make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and natural juices.
2. Keep moving: Travelling can disrupt your daily exercise routine. So, make sure to keep moving by taking a walk or doing some yoga poses in your hotel room or at the airport.
3. Eat healthy: Eating unhealthy foods can make you feel sluggish and unwell. Try to choose nutritious meals that contain whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.
4. Get enough sleep: Getting enough sleep is essential for keeping your energy levels up and staying healthy. So, make sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

Remember to practise good hygiene by washing your hands regularly and packing hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes. Being healthy and taking care of yourself while travelling can ultimately enhance your overall travel experience.

Tips for staying productive while working remotely

Working remotely can have its challenges when it comes to staying productive. By following these tips, you can ensure that you remain on track and get your work done effectively.

1. Have a designated workspace: If possible, create a designated workspace that is free from distractions and fully equipped to meet your work needs. This will also help you separate work from the rest of your home life.
2. Stick to a schedule: Set a schedule and stick to it as much as possible. This will help you maintain a sense of routine and structure throughout your workday.
3. Take breaks: It’s important to take breaks throughout the day, just as you would in an office setting. This will help to clear your mind and maintain your focus.
4. Stay connected: Make sure you are staying connected with your team and clients through regular check-ins and clear communication.
5. Minimise distractions: Be proactive in minimising distractions such as social media or household chores during your workday.

By following these tips, you can stay productive and successful while working remotely.

Fashion and Beauty

A travel and lifestyle blog for the modern girl should include fashion and beauty tips. Fashion and beauty go hand in hand while venturing around the world and should not be overlooked. From choosing the perfect wardrobe for a destination trip to finding beauty products that travel well, fashion and beauty can help make or break a trip.

Let’s discuss the fashion and beauty tips for the modern girl traveller.

The best travel-friendly outfits for every occasion

Travelling can be a hassle, but your outfits don’t have to be. Here are some travel-friendly outfit ideas for every occasion:

Occasion Outfit Ideas
For a long flight Opt for comfortable athleisure wear like leggings and a cosy hoodie. Pair it with sneakers or slip-on shoes for easy airport security checks.
For a day of sightseeing Choose breathable fabrics like cotton or linen for comfort in warmer climates. Maxi dresses, shorts, and lightweight tops are all great options. Don’t forget comfortable shoes for walking.
For a night out A little black dress paired with statement jewellery and heels is always a classic choice. If you prefer pants, try high-waisted trousers with a crop top and strappy sandals for a chic and comfortable look.
For an outdoor adventure Dress in layers for unpredictable weather. A waterproof jacket, hiking boots, and a backpack are essential for a day hike. Don’t forget a hat and sunscreen to protect yourself from the elements.

Pro-tip: To maximise space in your luggage, choose clothing items that can be mixed and matched for multiple outfits.

Beauty essentials for long-haul flights and a busy itinerary

Traveling can take a toll on your skin, leaving it looking dull and dehydrated. When you have a busy itinerary that includes long-haul flights, it’s essential to have beauty essentials to keep your skin looking fresh and glowing throughout your trip.

Here are some must-have beauty essentials for long-haul flights and a busy itinerary:

– Hydrating facial mist: Use a hydrating facial mist to spritz on your face every few hours to keep your skin refreshed and moisturised.
– Lip balm: A hydrating lip balm will keep your lips moisturised and protected from the drying effects of the aeroplane cabin.
– Eye cream: Combat tired eyes with an eye cream that targets puffiness and dark circles.
– Moisturizer: A good moisturiser will help combat dry and dull skin during long flights.
– Sunscreen: Protect your skin from harmful UV rays even when you’re flying at 30,000 feet.

Packing these essential beauty items in your carry-on will ensure that you arrive at your destination looking well-rested and rejuvenated.

The latest trends in sustainable fashion and how to incorporate them into your travels

Sustainable fashion is the future, and the latest trends reflect this shift towards ethical and eco-friendly clothing. Incorporating these trends into your travel wardrobe can be easy and affordable.

Here are some key sustainable fashion trends to try:

Upcycling This trend involves repurposing old fabrics, such as denim or silk scarves, into new clothing or accessories.
Natural and organic materials Sustainable fabrics such as linen, bamboo, and hemp are becoming increasingly popular among eco-conscious fashionistas.
Second-hand shopping Shopping at thrift stores, flea markets, and consignment shops not only helps reduce textile waste but also allows you to score unique and affordable pieces.
Minimalism and versatility Investing in high-quality essentials that can be styled in multiple ways is a sustainable and practical approach to fashion.

By incorporating these sustainable fashion trends into your travel wardrobe, you can look stylish while reducing your environmental impact. Remember to prioritise quality over quantity and choose pieces that are versatile and long-lasting.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to pack a refillable water bottle and reusable shopping bag to reduce plastic waste while on the go.

Food and Drink

Whether you’re jet-setting around the world or spending a day at your local cafe, food and drink make an essential part of any travel or lifestyle experience. In this section of my blog, I’ll be sharing some of my favourite food and beverage experiences, complete with pictures, stories, and tips!

So, whether you’re looking for the best restaurants in a new destination, or just want to try some unique local flavours, this is the spot for you.

The top street food markets to try in different cities

Street food markets are the heart and soul of any city’s culinary landscape. From hot dogs to falafel, here are the top street food markets to try in some of the world’s most popular cities.

New York City – Smorgasburg: This market features over 100 vendors and is known for its diverse range of street foods, including ramen burgers, lobster rolls, and jerk chicken.

Singapore – Lau Pa Sat: This food centre is the epitome of Singapore’s hawker culture, offering a wide variety of dishes from Chinese and Malay to Indian and Peranakan.

Marrakech – Jemaa el-Fnaa: This vibrant market is a must-visit for food lovers who want to try some of Morocco’s most iconic dishes, such as tagine, kebabs, and couscous.

Mexico City – Mercado de San Juan: Known for its exotic meats, this market is where locals and tourists alike flock to try dishes such as rattlesnake tacos and ant eggs.

London – Borough Market: This market is a foodie’s paradise, offering everything from artisanal cheeses and cured meats to fresh produce and pastries.

Pro Tip: Always try the local specialties and be adventurous when it comes to trying new cuisines. You never know what delicious surprise may await you!

Local delicacies to taste in each country you visit

One of the joys of travelling is experiencing local delicacies. Here are some must-try dishes to taste on your next trip:

Country Dish
Spain Paella, a rice dish cooked with vegetables, chicken, and seafood.
Japan Sushi, fresh fish served on bite-sized vinegared rice.
Thailand Tom Yum Goong, a spicy and sour soup with shrimp and lemongrass.
France Croque Monsieur, a grilled cheese sandwich with ham and béchamel sauce.
Italy Margherita pizza, a classic pizza with buffalo mozzarella, tomato sauce, and fresh basil.
Mexico Tacos al pastor, marinated pork tacos with pineapple and fresh herbs.
India Butter Chicken, juicy chicken in a creamy tomato-based sauce.

Make sure to indulge in the local cuisine on your next vacation – it’s a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of the country you’re visiting.

The best coffee shops for digital nomads around the world

For digital nomads, finding the perfect coffee shop to work from can make a world of difference in productivity and creativity. Here are some of the best coffee shops around the world for digital nomads to enjoy:

1. Ziferblat in London: This unique café offers free Wi-Fi, as well as tea, coffee, and snacks for a small hourly fee. The décor is eclectic and homey, with comfortable seating and plenty of power outlets.
2. Cafe Creme in Paris: This classic Parisian café offers strong coffee, flaky croissants, and free Wi-Fi in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. The outdoor seating makes it perfect for people-watching while you work.
3. The Coffee Academics in Hong Kong: This sleek and modern coffee shop offers high-quality coffee, free Wi-Fi, and a variety of baked goods and light meals. The décor is minimalist and cosy, with plenty of natural light.
4. The Attendant in London: This quirky café is situated inside an old Victorian public restroom, but don’t let that put you off. The coffee is excellent, and the atmosphere is cosy and laid-back.
5. Café Craft in Berlin: This coffee shop offers strong and delicious coffee, as well as free Wi-Fi and a spacious work area. The décor is modern and industrial, with exposed brick walls and plenty of windows for natural light.

Whether you’re in London, Paris, Hong Kong, or Berlin, these coffee shops are perfect for digital nomads who need a comfortable and inspiring workspace.

Culture and Adventure

At A Travel and Lifestyle Blog for the Modern Girl, we believe life is about experiences and exploration. We want to bring to readers the best, most exciting and informative content about culture and adventure.

From exciting stories about jumping out of a plane to delicious recipes, this blog is perfect for the girl who loves to be in the know and doesn’t like to miss a beat. So let’s dive in and explore the culture and adventure of our modern world!

Uncovering hidden gems in popular tourist destinations

Travelling to popular tourist destinations can be exciting, but uncovering hidden gems in these places takes your trip to a new level of adventure and cultural immersion.

Here are some tips to help you find those hidden gems:

Talk to locals: Ask the locals where they like to go and what they like to do. This can lead you to off-the-beaten-path spots that tourists don’t usually know about.
Do research: Use online resources, such as travel blogs and social media, to find hidden gems that haven’t made it into guidebooks yet.
Take a different approach: Instead of taking the usual tourist tours, try a cooking class, guided bike ride, or a theatre show. This can provide unique experiences that aren’t available to the average tourist.

Ultimately, uncovering hidden gems in popular tourist destinations makes for a more authentic travel experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

How to incorporate cultural experiences into your travel itinerary

Travelling is all about experiencing new cultures and stepping out of our comfort zones. Here are some tips on how to incorporate cultural experiences into your travel itinerary:

Research: Before you arrive at your destination, do some research on the local culture, customs, and traditions. This will help you gain a better understanding of the people and their way of life.
Food: Food is a significant aspect of any culture, and trying local cuisine can help you get a taste of the culture. Try visiting local markets and street vendors for a truly authentic experience.
Festivals: Festivals and events are a crucial part of many cultures and can provide a unique and exciting experience. Be sure to check if any cultural festivities are happening during your visit.
Tours: Guided tours can give you an in-depth understanding of the local culture, architecture, and history.

Step out of your comfort zone and embrace the cultural differences for an unforgettable travel experience.

The most exhilarating experiences for the adventurous traveller

Adventure travel provides some of the most exhilarating experiences available to the modern traveller, and there’s no shortage of destinations and activities to satisfy any thrill-seeker’s appetite. From bungee jumping in New Zealand to surfing in Bali, here are some of the most exciting adventure travel experiences for the adventurous traveller:

1. Skydiving over Dubai
2. Bungee jumping in Queenstown, New Zealand
3. White water rafting in Colorado, USA
4. Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
5. Surfing in Bali, Indonesia

These experiences will not only provide a rush of adrenaline but also allow travellers to immerse themselves in new cultures and ways of life.

Pro Tip: Always research and prepare before undertaking any adventure travel activity to ensure safety and maximise enjoyment.