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The Most Interesting Activities Staying at Home in 2023


An ordinary day can also become a party, but sometimes you need some inspiration… And so I have a nice overview for you of fun activities at home that you can organize with little effort. From small games and crafts to going out. Handy on the last days of the summer holidays, on a drizzly Sunday, or at the end of the Christmas holidays.

Fun Activities at Home – An Overview

Do crafts, exercise, or just do fun things. A lot is possible; It doesn’t have to be very complicated. If you take a look around the house, you will find everything you can use to organize a pleasant afternoon. We made an overview for you and have sorted it into different types of activities.

Just Draw

Have fun laughing together during this drawing game. All you need are some simple whiteboards and game cards that will make you laugh!

Learn Dancing

Move the table aside and turn on a swinging dance tutorial on YouTube. And one, two, three, four… How about the tango?

Play Hide & Seek

You will see that it is still exciting. For an extra spicy round, wear a sexy outfit.

Look Back at Old Photos

Go back to the wonderful memories of your first holiday together. You’ll be just a few hours away.

Go on a Tour in Your Own City

No matter how long you live there, there are still a hundred things you haven’t seen. Book a boat trip or follow a cycling route and discover the beauty in your area.


If it rains, just put on a raincoat and take an umbrella. Nothing to worry about.

Have a Pillow Fight at Home

We bet it’s just as fun as it used to be. In any case, the feathers are flying around.

Go into the Kitchen Together to Cook

Pick up an (old) cookbook or go crazy on Google. Choose a recipe that is not too easy and get started together.

Play Old-fashioned Games That Take Way too Long

Time to dig up the dust from the People Annoy You Not or Triviant!

Make a Family Tree of Your Family & Tell a Story/Memory About Each Family Member

You will see stories come along that you didn’t know existed. This is how you get to know your in-laws.

Change the Layout of Your Living Room

You will see that your living room suddenly takes on a completely different look.

Find Your (Much Too Expensive) Dream House on Funda

View the most expensive country houses and villas without any hesitation. If only you would win that lottery.

Bake a Cake

And then, of course, eat it! Don’t forget the generous dollop of whipped cream!

Playing at Online Casinos

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Make a Bucket List for the Next Five Years

Write down what you would like to do together again. You get a lot of positive energy from fun plans for the future.

Make up Your Own Game to Combat Boredom

And make everything you need from scratch. Craft time!


Make a high tea with the things from the pantry.

And counting calories is forbidden. Bring on those sausages, cheese biscuits, and chocolate chips.

Try to Copy Each Other

Hilarity guaranteed!

Make a Photo Album of all the Fun Things You Did Together

You probably still have photos from the era when the only preview was a negative. Not? Then, fortunately, there is the printer. Stick them in a simple sketchbook and write nice texts.

Take a Long Autumn Walk

No forest or beach nearby? Then, just walk through your hometown. For extra fun, you can bring a camera. There’s no way you’re bored anymore.

Give Each Other an Extensive Massage

It is not without reason that this point comes after #19. First, take a nice shower, then a good massage. To enjoy!

Make a List of 50 Things You Like About Each Other

It is okay to let the other person know (again) why you have fallen for him or her. Then, read the lists aloud to put butterflies in each other’s bellies.

Or Ask Each Other 36 Questions & fall in Love (Again)!

Dip in the relationship? Researchers say that after mutually answering these 36 questions, you will fall in love again.

Create a Huge Work of Art Together

Markers, pens, paint, everything can be used. Go for the originality prize!

Book Your Next Holiday or Trip

Long live the anticipation! Also, look for cool hotspots so you don’t have to be bored all day long.