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The Most Unusual Online Activities in the Middle East


What once began with a snake of pixels has now developed into one of the most important markets in the entire entertainment industry: mobile phone games are getting better, more diverse, and more popular – and with the huge selection of free games online, the search for the best mobile ones can be made easy games can be a challenge.

To celebrate both the best mobile games of 2021, the best mobile games of all time, and the latest releases of 2023, we have created an extensive list. Are you looking for good mobile games? Then you are right here.

Our List Shows: What Are the Finest Mobile Games?

To shed some light on the matter and help you with your choice, this list shows you the best mobile games that you shouldn’t miss in 2023. First up: A look at the best mobile games of all time. Whether you’re looking to take your metagaming to a new level or are just looking for in-between entertainment with free games for your smartphone, these mobile games are a hit.

1. Clash of Clans

Supercell’s acclaimed strategy game Clash of Clans from 2012 is on the list of best free mobile games that every real-time strategy fan should try. Build your village and collect resources by attacking and looting other mobile gamers’ villages in real time. One of the best mobile games, it lets you create clans of up to 50 players to go into battle together – with millions of players downloading free games for mobile, there’s always someone ready for battle.

2. PUBG Mobile

If you want to play Android games online and show off your skills in an acclaimed eSports title, PUBG Mobile is for you. The battle royale hit mobile game has already been downloaded over a billion times and is one of the best free mobile games. You land on a shrinking island and have one goal: Be the last survivor on the battlefield.

3. Candy Crush Saga

It is the epitome of casual games: Candy Crush Saga by King. If you’re looking for relaxing games for your mobile phone and love puzzles, this match-3 game is just the thing. Line up the matching candies to clear the board and land combos.


You can now download many games for your smartphone for free, but Candy Crush Saga was one of the pioneers in the “freemium” model with paid add-ons, which now brought the game over $1 million in revenue per day.

4. Online Gambling

Although Arab countries do not have traditional casinos, tourists, and residents of Arab countries can easily enjoy everything that gambling sites offer through their smartphones and tablets. One of the best casinos in the Middle East at the current time is Betfinal or as locals call it بيت فاينل.

5. Genshin Impact

A top title as an online game for free download is the action RPG Genshin Impact. With its immersive and intuitive combat system and huge open world, it is one of the best games on mobile and enjoys enormous critical and commercial success. It can be compared to The Legend of Zelda, and the sales of $3 billion within the first twelve months after release speak for themselves.

6. Fatal Fury 3 ACA NEOGEO

Similar to how Metroidvania games often exude nostalgia, Fatal Fury 3 also reminds us of times gone by. Thanks to SNK and Hamster Corporation, the nostalgic fighting game from the NEOGEO arcades has now hit mobile phones and made it into the best mobile games of the year.

The original from 1995 has been given new life in today’s era of mobile games thanks to the mobile release in January 2023 with online features and leaderboards, numerous characters, and the well-known setting in South Town. It probably can’t compete with modern robot games, but nostalgia is guaranteed.

7. Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile

One of the most hotly anticipated mobile games of the year is the mobile version of  Call of Duty: Warzone.


After Warzone has already taken the world by storm on PC and console, it should be just as well received as a free mobile game title. You can already play it for free as an online game for Mac, and you will soon be able to download it from the list of free games for your mobile phone. With Warzone Mobile, the acclaimed shooter comes to the smartphone, in which you can compete against up to 120 players in heated battles in real time.

8. Pokémon TCG Live

If you love Pokémon and trading card games and want to play mobile games for free, Pokémon TCG Live might be right for you. This means that the well-known and celebrated trading card game is being digitized. Collect your Pokémon cards in Battle Pass mode and test your deck against other Pokémon Trainers in the Ranked Ladder feature. If you want to play Pokémon mobile games for free and can’t get enough of the little monsters, you shouldn’t miss the title this year.

9. Pokémon GO

One of the best mobile games that went viral worldwide and brought augmented reality (AR) to the forefront is Pokémon GO, which Niantic released in 2016. Using GPS and the phone’s camera, you can hunt for Pokémon in the real world and catch them all. The hyped mobile phone AR game initially only contained 150 Pokémon, but there are now over 700 to catch.