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Dental Clinics in Alpharetta: Picking 3 Noteworthy Dental Surgery Facilities


Are you looking for an Alpharetta dentist for your dental needs and requirements? Well, you can find a multitude in and around the city, but the availability of so many certainly makes it difficult to choose a quality one. Here, we have everything you need in this guide.

If you have a toothache, need a routine checkup, or just want to have a cosmetic treatment, check out the top three dentistry centers in the city.

Coast Dental Alpharetta

Coast Dental is located at a convenient spot and is also a family dentistry center. When you step into their ultra-modern clinic, you will get a good vibe of the place. And to make sure that the patients are comfortable, the dentists have an amicable staff to complement.

The clinic has a team of top dentists who are professionals and experienced at their work, delivering the best available solutions with the most modern techniques. The team offers treatments in preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry options, and with a personal touch.  The treatment is as per the demands of the patients.

Another excellent aspect of Coast Dental is its policy of patient education. They believe that better information leads to better decisions, and that is why they educate patients on everything related to them and answer all queries in their consultations, even before the treatment starts.

Are dental appointments always a matter of stress for you? You need not worry if you go to Coast Dental. The dentists offer their patients relaxed and comprehensive experiences through their sedation treatments.

This dentistry strictly recommends examinations and cleaning to keep their patients’ teeth shiny white, just like when they were kids. They also practice proven preventative dentistry, which identifies minute problems before they get the chance of worsening.

Ace Dental Care LLC

Our list would have been incomplete without mentioning Ace Dental Care, another leading and top-quality dentistry in Alpharetta. You will feel comfortable with their friendly and professional team.

One of their greatest qualities is an unwavering commitment to well-rounded dental care. They don’t just address current issues, but they also seek to educate patients everywhere about how they can make better choices to keep their teeth healthy and bright far into the future.


Another huge plus is the absolute state-of-the-art quality of their facilities. The up-to-date equipment make your visit as precise and efficient as possible.

The clinic values a more customized approach to treatment. All their staff knows that no two patients have exactly the same needs, so they are ready to help them work out an ideal dental health plan that is 100% designed to meet unique needs, desires, and expectations.

They offer a full range of dental care services. In addition to routine exams and cleanings, patients can take advantage of cosmetic services, restorative treatments, and dental emergency treatments.

Past patients have high remarks for the Ace Dental Care team. Patients praise the company for their friendly and professional dental staff.

Old Milton Dental

When you first walk into Old Milton Dental, you’ll notice the clean and tranquil setting. Patients will instantly feel more relaxed. The dental team is dedicated and experienced professionals. Patients can come to the clinic for a variety of services.

What sets Old Milton Dental apart is its commitment to patient comfort. Should any treatment cause anxiety, Old Milton Dental can provide sedation for a pain-free experience.

The clinic offers Alpharetta patients excellent dental technology. The dental practice uses digital X-rays and lasers to provide accurate and painless treatments. Old Milton Dental’s team are trusted professionals and build lasting relationships with their patients. The company will work with each patient in order to reach their goals.


Old Milton Dental provides patients with the most advanced possible treatments. The company attends seminars and workshops so staff can stay up-to-date with the latest dentistry technology. It receives love from local patients because the company’s dental team is dependable and caring.

Find a Trusted Alpharetta Dentist Closest to You

Coast Dental, Ace Dental Care, and Old Milton Dental all have a lot to offer. Each dental practice provides a fantastic experience for all patients. Many new patients looking for professional dental care in Alpharetta can visit any of these three locations.

They are committed to ensuring that patients will be pleased with their services as well as to providing quality treatment. Have no doubt that you will take home many smiles!