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Fun and Eco-Friendly: Leading Electric Tricycles & Bikes for Family Adventures


Cargo eBikes and Passenger eTrikes can be amazing for parents and kids. Let’s talk about Addmotor’s best picks and find the one for your family.

Electric bikes and e trikes aren’t just for seasoned cyclists and fitness buffs anymore. Nowadays, families with children can start eBiking and gain all the benefits.

With a cargo eBike or passenger eTrike, you can make family time more fun and adventurous. Parents can enjoy the outdoors with their kids and don’t need a car or minivan anymore.

Whether that’s picnics, grocery shopping, or soccer practice, you can get a lot done with Addmotor eBikes. So, let’s talk about your options and find the best fit for you.

Differences Between Cargo eBikes and Passenger Trikes

What’s common about cargo eBikes and Passenger trikes is that they have a large weight capacity. This means you can load more stuff onto the bike or even carry an extra passenger (or two).

Both options are great for families and parents. They can support two children or even a regular adult.

But that’s just where the similarities end. They both start to veer off in different directions after that. Here’s why:

Price Point:

Usually, cargo e-Bikes tend to be more affordable than passenger e-Trikes. This is because passenger electric trikes have a larger frame and an extra wheel.

Setting everything up for this three-wheel configuration is more expensive. This can drive the price up for passenger eTrikes.

Passenger Seating Options

Most passenger electric trikes have dedicated seating for children and adult passengers. These include comfortable cushions with backrests and safety harnesses.

Cargo eBikes don’t have dedicated seating. You’ll have to purchase seat pads or baby seats separately and install them.

On the flip side though, cargo eBikes offer more flexibility since you can always remove these seats and use the extra space for hauling cargo.

Size and Weight

eTrikes will always be wider and take up more space than cargo electric bikes. They will also be heavier because of the third-wheel and passenger seating options.

So if you’re limited in space and do most of your riding in busy urban streets, a cargo eBike might be the better option.

Also, most passenger-style eTrikes can be wider than the standard door width of 32”. So there’s less chance of using it indoors as a mobility scooter.

Off-roading Capabilities

Speaking of urban streets, most cargo eBikes aren’t the best at handling off-road conditions. They have thinner tires and much simpler suspension systems.

Meanwhile, Passenger trikes can handle light offroading without any issues. They tend to have fat tires designed for all-terrain riding. Some of them even come with full suspension for extra comfort.

Balancing Options

Electric trikes don’t need a kickstand since they are self-balancing. Cargo bikes on the other hand need a kickstand to keep the bike upright.

This is important because when you have children or seniors as passengers, they can’t put their feet down to balance the bike.

It’s a notable safety issue when parking. So in this case, eTrikes are the safer option. That said, modern cargo eBikes also come with center-mount kickstands that provide more stable parking.

Addmotor Recommends: Best eTrikes and Cargo Bikes for Families

At Addmotor, we have three options for families looking for an eBike or eTrike to take on their next adventure. These are:

  • GAROOTAN M-81 Cargo eBike
  • GRAOOPRO Cargo eBike
  • GREATTAN L Passenger eTrike

Let’s talk about these three options and compare their differences.

GAROOTAN M-81 Cargo Electric Bike

(Best Budget-Friendly Option for Families)


As Addmotor’s entry-level cargo eBike for families, the GAROOTAN bike is an affordable and reliable option. It’s also Addmotor’s first UL2849-certified eBike and boasts impressive specs that provide the best value for money.

For starters, the cargo eBike is one of the most power-efficient eBikes. It has an effective range of 105+ miles on a single charge.

The eBike is also equipped with 4” Kenda fat tires. This allows the GAROOTAN to take on the beach, dirt trails, and city streets with the same level of enthusiasm.

All good things aside though, the GAROOTAN is pretty basic compared to the other two options here. It doesn’t have a dual-battery setup or a dedicated passenger seat.

Also, the rear rack is spacious for two child seats but you’ll have to purchase and install them separately.


  • UL 2849 certified
  • Most affordable at $1,499
  • 105+ miles of range with just one battery pack
  • Most compact with a 29” width


  • Relatively low weight capacity of 400 lbs
  • Only comes with a standard saddle for the rider
  • Seat pads or kid’s seats must be purchased separately
  • No footrest. Also lacks a double-center kickstand

GRAOOPRO Cargo Electric Bike

(Best Cargo Two-Wheeler For Families)


The GRAOOPRO Bike is Addmotor’s answer to some of the questions posed by the GAROOTAN. It has multiple improvements over the GAROOTAN with only slight compromises.

In terms of the improvements, the GRAOOPRO now supports a dual-battery configuration. So if you’re hoping to go on long-distance tours or camping, the GRAOOPRO is the better option.

Also, rider comfort and stability have been improved. The GRAOOPRO features a center-mounted kickstand and a wooden footrest. Parents can now easily pop the kickstand and park the bike, even when the kids are still in their seats.

Also, riders can rest their feet on the wooden footboard when riding the throttle. Say goodbye to stiff feet and ankle pain.

However, when comparing the GRAOOPRO with the GAROOTAN, there are only two downsides. The GRAOOPRO is pricier and has 2.5 ” slim tires instead of the 4” all-terrain fat tires.


  • Relatively affordable price tag of $1,699
  • Highest effective range of 210+ miles (with dual battery setup)
  • Center mount kickstand for better balance and stability when parked
  • Includes a wooden footrest for the rider


  • Doesn’t have a dedicated passenger seat
  • Only has a regular saddle for the rider
  • Slim tires that aren’t the best for offroading

GREATTAN L Passenger Electric Trike

(Best Trike for Safety, Stability, and Comfort)


If your focus is on comfort, for both the rider and passengers, the GREATTAN L Trike is for you. This fat tire passenger trike comes with a hefty price tag and certain limitations. However, it more than makes up for it with its stellar features.

For instance, the GREATTAN L has a high payload capacity of 500 lbs. On top of that, it has a dedicated passenger seat for two kids or one regular adult.

But that’s not all. It has 4” fat tires for light off-roading and the third wheel guarantees safety and stability.

So if you’re not worried about the premium price and the enlarged frame, the GREATTAN L is a good option. It’s the safest and most comfortable eTrike for parents, kids, and family members.


  • Superior weight capacity of 500 lbs
  • Has a spacious passenger seat with a fixed backrest
  • The rider has a wide saddle with an adjustable backrest
  • The third wheel provides the best self-balancing capability
  • Metal footrest for the passenger
  • Battery range at 130+ miles, with the dual battery


  • Premium price tag of $3,899
  • Takes up more space and has a 36.6” width (can’t fit through most door frames)
  • The rider doesn’t have a footrest

Comparison Table

Here’s a table outlining the main differences between these three models.









Dual Battery




Effective Range (At PAS Level 1)

105+ miles

210+ miles (w/ dual battery)

130+ miles (w/dual battery)

Payload Capacity

400 lbs

450 lbs


Dimensions (inch) LxWxH

75” x 29” x 42”

78” x 27” x 42”

82.7” x 36.6” x 48.6”


20”x4” Fat Tires

24”x2.5” (Front) Slim Tires

24” x 4” (Front) Fat Tires


UL 2849

UL 2271

UL 2271

UL 2271

Balancing Capabilities

Regular kickstand (Not Self-balancing)

Center Mount Kickstand (Relatively Stable Balancing)

Third-wheel (Completely Self-Balancing w/ Parking Brakes)

Seating Options

Rear Rack Only (Separate Accessories Required)

Rear Rack Only (Separate Accessories Required)

Dedicated Passenger Seat

Supported Accessories

Baby seats, seat pads, pannier bags

Baby seats, seat pads, pannier bags




Wooden Footrest for Rider

Metal Footrest for Passenger, None for Rider

Wrapping Up

Families can also enjoy eBiking thanks to cargo eBikes and passenger eTrikes. Cargo eBikes are more compact and affordable but lack dedicated seats and self-balancing.

Also, parents will have to purchase kid’s seats separately and install them. Usually, this isn’t too much of a hassle, and cargo eBikes are still a more flexible option.

That said, passenger eTrikes are still the superior option. They are safer and much more comfortable since they have dedicated seating. However, they can be expensive and take up way too much space.