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5 Indoor Educational Activities for Kids

You know that we are all up for teaching kids about practical stuff through fun activities. The lockdown and self-quarantine going around in the world dealing with a pandemic is another reason to bring out our thinking caps and blend fun with learning. The times we are living in right now needs indoor educational activities […]

Hip Kids’ Clothes: New Product Lines for Children’s Clothing Retailers

Kids don’t always love new clothes, but their parents do, especially when they’re hip kids’ clothes. The greater the variety in stores, the more new trends. Most parents have that one photo of the kid who decided they want to pick their own clothes for the day. Let’s just say, it might not be what […]

Trampolines for Kids – Size, Safety, and Fun

Most kids love trampolines. But, they were not originally designed for children. Trampolines were developed in 1934 as a training tool. Astronauts, divers, gymnasts, and skiers were all the original users of the trampoline. Very quickly, however, trampolines became popular as a toy for families and their children. Knowing the trampoline’s history helps to explain […]

Top 3 Online Cooking Courses For Beginners

This quarantine period has brought out the MasterChef’s hidden within us. With Instagram and Facebook flooded with feeds featuring delicious spreads cooked by people, no wonder you are yearning to make your own insatiable dishes! But, let’s face it: many of us are not good at cooking or spinning out something magical on the plate. […]

Tough Times: How to Help a Child Cope

If you could, you’d surround your child in bubble wrap, never let them get hurt, take away all the possible sources of pain, and give them a lifetime of rainbows and candy sprinkles. Of course, you can’t do that – not even close! But there are plenty of steps you can take to make sure […]

4 Online Bingo Myths Busted!

Bingo is one of those games that everyone is familiar with. You have either played the child version of it or have heard an elder play it. It is one of those games that need you to be one with your lady luck. With the popularization of online casinos, this classic game is seeing digitalization […]

Cashable and Sticky Bonus, What is the Difference?

Players depositing and accepting bonuses at an online casino should know what kind of bonuses they’re accepting. Bonuses usually fall into two categories: a bonus can be either cashable or sticky which means non-cashable.  When accepting a deposit bonus, players should always make sure they know whether the bonus they’re accepting is cashable or not. […]

How to Secure Your Personal Information While Playing at Online Casinos

Playing at online casinos is fun, but what isn’t fun is to gamble with the security of your personal information, especially online. If your online transactions don’t happen through secure channels, it can result in the theft of sensitive personal information, that is shared on the casino website. There are several steps that you should […]

Fuel Up With These Healthy Homemade Snacks

Snacks are great for bridging between meals. Americans particularly love light meals and about two-thirds of them eat snacks twice a day. However, there is the risk of consuming quick and unhealthy stuff that messes up your weight loss plans. Fortunately, snacks should not come in the way of achieving your fitness goals if you […]

Happy Birthday to you! Gift Ideas for the Little Girl in your Life

Another year older, already? Time needs to slow down, right? It seems like you brought her home from the hospital only yesterday and now you’re planning what gifts she might like for her impending birthday. Finding the right gift for your daughter can feel a little daunting, especially if she has lots of friends and […]