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Top 4 Cuisines to Try Out in the World

The love for a palatable dish is universal. We all crave to try out mouth-watering delicacies that places and cultures around the world have to offer. Through our travels, we are often introduced to something new that tickles the taste buds differently. 

Feeling hungry already? Take a look at the top 5 cuisines in the world that you should try out once! 

1. The Italian Cuisine

The Mecca of the best and delicious pizzas, Italy and its cuisine has a lot more to offer. From the pasta-noodle meets Parmigiano Reggiano and mozzarella in Lasagnas to a bowl of authentic Risotto, their dishes are all about an explosion of taste.

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But wait, that’s not all. This food heaven also offers you the best pasta in the world, especially the carbonara. Hold your appetite because the dessert is yet to follow. 

Gelatos, Tiramisu and Panna Cotta draw the perfect end to an already overwhelming cascade of tastes!

2. The Japanese Cuisine

Japan’s food culture is very unique and is worth your exploration. Home to the world of traditional sushi, Japanese food is a reflection of the country’s impeccable dedication towards details.

With visually stunning presentations to the equally gratifying tastes, sushi and sashimi are the must-try dishes when it comes to Japanese cuisine. Apart from these, if you are a fish lover, you can definitely try out the fish tempura dishes, another Japanese delight. 

Last but not least, if you are looking for the taste of Japan packed in a bowl, don’t forget to try out the wholesome Miso soup!

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3. The Indian Cuisine

India is a vast and culturally diverse country that is clearly reflected in the rich array of palatable it has to offer. From the North to the South and East to West, the food culture changes dramatically. 

It is difficult to cap the Indian cuisine as a single domain. Instead it would be more accurate to call it a collection of a wide variety of regional cuisines within the same country!

From the stuffed parathas, cottage cheese, and pulaos to dosas and idlis, from dhoklas to prawn curries, dal to masala chai, India, and its dishes, will surely leave you wanting for more! 

To put it precisely, Indian cuisine is the perfect example where thousands of years of tradition meets the modern century, in a brilliant explosion of taste.

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4. The Greek Cuisine

Apart from the rich cultural heritage, Greece offers you some of the most authentic Mediterranean dishes in the world. With their signature olive oil, Greek dishes are a culinary delight.

From Spanakopita to gyros, feta cheese to dolma, the country has a lot to satisfy your appetite. If you are still hungry, try out the lentil soup and soak in the essence of ancient Greece.

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Final Thoughts

Food is a great way to understand the history and culture of a country. Not only does it fulfill our senses, but a good dish inspires us to explore more. So, what is stopping you? Bring out your inner foodie and start exploring!