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5 Things You Would Learn About Me Just By Walking Through My House

As a Blogger I can easily get caught up in obligations, reviews, campaigns and sponsored posts. This entry is a fun post encouraged by Trish over at MomDot; she’s doing an old school Blog Carnival.

I’m sharing some things about me that your might not know by reading the blog but you’ll learn by walking though our house.

I love make-up. I don’t wear it often but I collect it like it’s priceless jewels. I hold onto certain colors or blends than make me feel special or pretty and then sulk when I find out something I love has been discontinued.

makeup table

I have a love for family photos. All over my walls and shelves you’ll find more photography than traditional art. You can see the kids grow just by looking around the house because I also don’t like to switch out pictures very often.

photography instead of art
I’m pretty eco-conscious . We recycle, compost, grow a big garden, use reusable bags and try to buy local.

countertop composter
I don’t make my bed. I used to be good about it and I enforce the “Make Your Bed” rule with the kids but I just don’t. I get up get dressed and often never head back into my room to remind me it’s something I need to do.

unmade bed, messy bed

I used to have long hair. I look at my old pictures and I hate the way it looked. I think my current haircut is a tad too short but no way will I ever go long again. This picture isn’t visible anymore but there is 1 more long hair pic in the house.

long hair

Share something about you that I probably don’t know. Link up to the 5 thing you would learn blog carnival with me and many other bloggers.

This is NOT a sponsored post, just something fun to let you into my life a little more.