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Easy Fireplace Maintenance—Love the Heart of Your Home

Your fireplace can easily be described as the heart of your home; a cozy source of heat, smell and crackle. Spending family time around a fire, or decorating a fireplace, is part of the joy of the winter months. Taking proper care of your home’s fireplace is also extremely important, not only for cleanliness reasons, but also for optimal safety. A well-maintained fireplace lasts a lifetime. For homeowners with wood burning fireplaces at home, here are several easy maintenance tips to keep in mind:

Remove Ashes Regularly


Homeowners should routinely clean their fireplaces and keep them free of ashes and other debris to ensure optimal performance. Keeping your fireplace free of ashes also minimizes the risk of fire hazards, and keeps dust levels at a minimum. To keep your fireplace clean, invest in the right type of tools including like heat-resistant brushes, shovel and fireplace tongs.

Prevent Smoke from Coming into Your Home

If smoke from the fireplace is continuously coming into your home, that’s an indication that something is wrong with your fireplace. If the interior of the fireplace is clean, make sure there isn’t any creosote or soot build-up in the chimney. Debris may get stuck up in the chimney and affect how smoke exits your home.

Being selective about what you burn inside your home is also an easy way to avoid unnecessary exposure to smoke and ashes. When starting a fire, make sure the damper on your fireplace or chimney is completely open. Avoid using too much newspaper when staring your fire, make sure the wood you’re using is completely dry and is not treated with paints or stains.

In some situations, a faulty damper could be the culprit. In need of advice from a professional? Online hating experts such as can help with the troubleshooting process.

Examine Your Chimney

Your chimney should be routinely cleaned and verified to make sure it isn’t blocked or allowing harmful gases to enter your home. Most insurance companies may ask to verify your chimney before insuring your home. If ever you are in doubt of the condition of your chimney, it’s crucial that you have your fireplace and chimney inspected by a professional. It’s recommended to do so annually, or at least biannually if you can’t afford it. A professional would be more capable of assessing the structural soundness of your fireplace and chimney.

Cleaning your chimney every year is a great way to ensure your chimney is free of creosote build-up, avoiding the main cause of chimney fires. Creosote can be removed yourself using a good chimney brush, or by hiring a professional chimney sweeper.