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NUK Freshfoods Mash and Serve Bowl

baby food masher nukWith the baby coming in a few months, I’ve already started to think about once he starts eating table food. So when I got the opportunity to analyse NUK’s Freshfoods Mash and Serve Bowl, I jumped at the chance.

One of the things I’m really looking for in food preparation for the baby is something that both myself and the girls can do easily. I know that once we start feeding him regularly the girls are going to love to help. I first tried banana’s and blueberry’s which mashed up with ease. Then I had some steamed potatoes that the girls practiced mashing. It was extremely easy for Parker and Peyton and they had a blast doing it. It was great to get them involved and they wanted to mash everything in the house.

Clean up was a snap. The bowl rinsed out with no problems and even the mash washed up clean in no time. It’s also nice that the bowl is microwavable. I only wish it had a lid so that it would travel easily. It’s the perfect size to toss in a diaper bag but with no lid it’s not practical to take along. At home though it’s going to be great. The girls are really going to feel apart of taking care of the baby and I don’t have to worry about too many parts that they may hurt themselves on.