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Health Is Important To Infinity Dish

In today’s work world when people are deciding what company they want to work for they look at a few things like money, health insurance, flexibility as well as health initiatives. Maybe not everyone looks for these things but I do because these are important to me.

Infinity Dish takes it a step further with there Infinity Dish wellness program.

For companies looking for better returns from their workforce, investing in an employee health and wellness program can pay off in the long run. As the largest Dish Network retailer in North America, Infinity Dish believes that an active employee is a prosperous one.

The statement above couldn’t be better said. A lot of us work office/desk jobs and don’t have the opportunity to be as active as we would like to be during the day and companies like Infinity Dish are realizing that is hurting their employee’s personal and professional lives and are trying to make a difference. I think a company who promotes heath and wellness is doing everything they possibly can to give their employees opportunities to get out and be active. This not only benefits the employees but the organization as a whole which is a win win for everyone. Infinity Dish has partnered with LA Fitness to offer discounted rates for its employees and additional benefits like no enrollment fees, no contracts as well as classes and a network of babysitters.

To me Infinity Dish is taking their company to the next level by looking out for their employee’s health and wellness and offering every tool and opportunity that they have available. A lot of employers don’t offer these services for financial reasons but that is not stopping Infinity Dish which to me is an awesome statement of what they stand for and believe in.

If you are looking for more information be sure to check out the Infinity Dish facebook page.

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