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How To Make Sure Water Is Safe To Drink During Emergencies

When an emergency happens, water can get contaminated with germs. Since we are dealing with a worldwide coronavirus pandemic, we all need to learn how to protect ourselves and the people we love. 

The best thing that you can do during an emergency is to use bottled water. This is always the safest possible choice. When it is not available, consider the following methods. 

safe water

Boiling Water

When safe bottled water is not available, all the water you consume needs to be boiled. This is a sure way to kill most organisms that cause diseases, like parasites, bacteria, and viruses. 

As you might know, boiled water has a very flat taste. This can be improved by simply pouring it from a container to the next. Then, let the water stand. Alternatively, a pinch of salt can be added for every quart of boiled water. 

When you notice that the water is cloudy, you should filter it through a paper towel, coffee filter or clean cloth. Draw off only clear water and bring it to a rolling boil for a period of at least one minute. Boiled water needs to cool down and you have to then store it inside clean sanitized containers that have tight covers. 

Using Disinfectants

Small quantities of water that is filtered can be made by the use of chemical disinfectants. This includes unscented household chlorine bleach, which is dangerous if improperly used so you have to be extremely careful. Disinfectants can easily kill disease-causing viruses, bacteria but should never be considered as being full-proof. 

In order to disinfect the water with the use of iodine or chlorine tablets, simply follow the instructions offered by the manufacturer. When you use unscented liquid chlorine bleach, look at the active ingredient. Usually, there is around 5% sodium hypochlorite present. Use the internet to find the appropriate bleach amount to add to water. Always respect that. Use a teaspoon, metric measure or medicine dropper and be sure that the mixture was properly stirred. The water has to sit for a minimum of half of an hour before use. 

Using Filters

You can so easily contact Fix It Right Plumbers in Melbourne or specialists in your area in order to install filters in your home or you can even do it yourself. There are also many portable filters that are capable of removing many parasites like Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Choose a water filter that has small pores so that parasites can be removed. Just remember that most of these filters cannot remove harmful viruses and bacteria. 

Always carefully follow the instructions of the manufacturer when you buy the water filter. Also, after you filter, add a good disinfectant, like chlorine dioxide, chlorine or iodine. This is needed to kill the remaining bacteria and most viruses. 

Using Distillation

Last but not least, you can also make your water safe to drink through distillation. This process basically involves boiling water and then collecting steam inside a container to eventually become water again. The process is very simple and literally anyone can do it.