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The Secret to Raising Smart Kids

Every kid in today’s era is one step ahead of its generation. They are smart and sensitive. The crux of an individual’s life is the learning phase of that person. From an infant to a man, the personality and character of a child totally depends on the upbringing and the experience of the child. In today’s SMS Generation world, people often find small children using mobile phones and electronic items, even better than them. The kids today are privileged to be growing up under conditions and circumstances which were introduced to us after a long time in life. However, it is very important for the parents to know and understand a few things so that their child does not drown in the pond of over smartness or superiority.

Never tell them, ‘You are the best!’

What if you were told that you are the best at everything and there is nothing you cannot do or cannot win. You would probably stand nowhere in the world. Many of the parents think that by saying such things, their kid will gain confidence. On the contrary, it makes the kids think that they are superior to others. It makes them over confident which can be very harmful for their personality. Instead they should be taught that they can achieve anything if they work hard. If they are working hard for a particular thing, then they will be able to taste the fruit of success. Triumph and disaster go hand in hand, hence it is up to them how they deal with the situations of life. If they are taught from an early age to work hard for something, then the kid will remember it for life.

Extra Curricular

For a growing up child it is very important to indulge in activities which make him cleverer and his brain mores sharp. A child always learns from his surroundings, hence it is very important for the parent to let the child go out in open and play. It will help him in understanding the outside world and the child will be able to relate with the conditions outside. If he is not going outside the home to play then he or she will not be able to make friends. A parent should always remember that a kid’s behavior is just directly proportional to the company he has. Once he will make friends, he will know what is just to do and what is not just to do.

Not every child is a genius

It is very important to understand a child’s potential. Not all the kids have the same grasping ability or intelligence level. This does not mean that your child is suffering from any kind of mental disorder or is mentally unstable. A child will learn things according to his potential. You should not give severe punishments or torture him presuming that he will perform better. It’s just the opposite in such cases. If your child is not able to grasp things quickly or he or she is not able to understand things, then you should try different methods of teaching that thing to him. Some more interesting and child friendly methods are there which help the kids in learning and understanding things in a better way. The parent should trust the child from the very start so that he can gain strength and courage.

Television shows

Most of the parents think that watching television is not very good for the child. They think it is harmful for the child’s eyes and also damages the child’s thinking and character. But if the parents keep an eye and sit and watch it with their child then there are many such television shows and programs which are specially designed for the children and help them in learning fast. There are special channels for the kids. It teaches the kids different things which are new to the child and they teach it in a way which is very interesting. The child is fascinated by such things and he learns better if done in such a way. There should be a proper fixed time for the child to watch T.V. And the parents should always know what their child is watching and what he likes the most.

Accepting failure

A child should be bought up in such a way that he understands that winning and losing does not matter at all. A parent should always tell the child that it does not matter if he has won or lost the competition, what actually matters is his sportsmanship. A parent should always tell his child to clap for the winning as well as the losing team so that these things don’t affect the child much in life. A good sportsmanship and spirit is what makes or breaks the reputation and personality of a person. If a child is facing defeat, then it is good for his character and competence building. It is good if a child is facing failure, he will learn to value his win then. Small children often are the most concerned about winning and losing. They take these things to heart and then ponder on it for a long time. This thinking should be avoided and the parents should try to make their child happy even in case of defeat.

A smart child is not necessarily born smart. His surroundings and most importantly his company makes him smart and intelligent. Let him do what he wants to do which is decent and good for him. He should be taught to become hard working instead of becoming successful. If he will work hard then he surely will become successful in life. We gave you some tips and tricks which can help you in raising a smart and clever kid but other than these, a child needs the support and care of his parents the most in his life. He will be able to differentiate between wrong and right if he is guided properly.