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Can’t We All Just Get Along

I recently caught wind of an Anderson Cooper episode where 2 working mothers calls SAHM mothers lazy. Really??? Making generalizations like that makes no sense. It’s like saying boys are dirty and girls are dainty. Each mother is different. Each mother has their own reasons for staying at home. Each mother shouldn’t have to defend or side with this argument. But we do anyway.

So I’m to assume these mothers never ever sit to read a book, watch a television show, surf the net or take a long hot soothing shower? Shall I call that lazy? I can get dressed, run errands, feed kids, read the news, clean the kitchen, do a load of laundry, make dinner, make a phone call, do a puzzle, help with homework, workout, read 19 blogs, shower, bathe a kid, put one down for a nap, write 2 blog posts, play dolls, handle 82 emails, read a contract, do a craft, Facebook, Tweet and more in a day. I don’t think that’s the definition of lazy.

I’m sure that’s not everyone’s schedule. I’m sure there are lazy SAHMs out there but I’m sure there are lazy working moms too. What about the working moms that don’t want to be bothered with housework, homework, cooking and soccer practice? Just because you work a 9-5 doesn’t make you busier, better or more productive than those that don’t. But don’t lump all SAHMs together as lazy and under-stimulated just because we don’t work outside the home. A commute and pencil cup doesn’t make for a happier mom.

Why can’t moms accept each other just the way we are? We all have our own struggles and hurdles to beat each day. Because one mom works outside the home doesn’t make her a better provider. Because one mom chooses to stay home and raise her kids doesn’t make her a better nurturer. Why can’t we support each other for the choices and decisions we make that make sense for our OWN families?

To each his own! Stop being so judgy!