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20 Things No One Tells You About Having A Second Child


When you and the husband planned baby no. 2, you expected things to be a little easier. After all, you’ve been through the pregnancy grind once before. How hard could a second pregnancy get? Well, fast-forward nine months and you wish you had someone to give you better advice. It becomes difficult to juggle motherhood and your sanity for the first few months.

However, give it a few years and you might look back on this period and smile.

Before that happens, here are 20 things no one told you about having a second child:

That overwhelming feeling

During the initial months, things become a tad bit overwhelming. If having one child to run after wasn’t enough, you have to carry a second one. And, if the little one in the womb is a kicker, be prepared for a whirlwind nine months.

People will doubt you

Be prepared for people to second-guess your ability to juggle two children. They might even offer help out of sympathy. Let them know that you have things under control, even if you don’t.

‘Busy’ takes on a whole new meaning

You thought your life was busy before baby no.2. Now, you have to find a way to pack in visits to the dentist, doctor’s appointment and your elder child’s soccer games. It isn’t all fun and games.

Diaper changes become a race

You have to find a new way to ensure you get the little one’s diaper changed in time before ensuring the elder child does not break the new vase you bought. Sometimes, you may wish you had an extra set of eyes.

Leaving the house requires planning

Gone are the days when you could leave your home for an outing whenever you wanted. Now, you have to ensure you have baby formula, extra diapers and toys for the little one before you hit the road. You might also have to carry juice for elder brother. Staying at home a better idea, right?

The non-stop feeding spree

When the little one isn’t hungry, you have to ensure the elder one has something to eat. When you have to shuffle between two kids and their meal preferences, it can be tough. Rope in the hubby to take the night shift, if necessary.

The night and day conundrum

Not only will your elder child wake the newborn in the morning, the incessant crying at night from baby no. 2 could wake up the elder one. You didn’t prepare for this dilemma now, did you?

The babysitter dilemma

Getting a babysitter to watch both your kids while you and hubby go for a romantic dinner can be tough. Not only do babysitters charge a bomb, they might even have other demands. Plus, you will always be worried about how the babysitter treats your kids.

Having to clean the entire day

Despite cleaning the house in the morning, it might require another round of dusting in the afternoon. Having two kids would mean double the household chores.

Laundry, all day

There is a never-ending laundry pile to sift through when you have two kids. You will probably have to operate the washing machine twice a day to ensure dirty clothes do not pile up.

The disease transfer

If one of you gets a cold, the entire family will get it in phases. Having to deal with two children with cold can be a nightmare. What could be even worse? You coming down with a cold at the same time!

Grocery shopping can be a nightmare

Tagging your little one in the grocery cart while ensuring the elder one is by your side can be difficult. You may not even be able to focus on the groceries you have to buy. You might have to take hubby along as a babysitter.

Bad end of a deal

Your second child may not have as fancy a room as your first child. The anticipation and excitement is always greater during the first pregnancy. This does not mean that you do not love your younger child any less. It just means you’re probably more exhausted than excited to do anything new.

Travel plans on hold

You probably will not be able to plan an overseas holiday till your little one turns 5. You will have to settle for local destinations for short trips.

Sibling rivalry

You will have to deal with your elder one throwing a fit when the infant gets the attention. In time, they will both learn to love and appreciate each other. Till then, be prepared for a full-on sibling rivalry for the first 15 years of their lives.

Double the noise

Two children would mean double the noise. While one cries for food, the other might howl for attention. Trying to pacify them becomes even more difficult when hubby isn’t at home.

Love life takes a hit

It might not be easy for you and the husband to get alone time. In fact, the possibility of a ‘dry spell’ could loom large. Get your mother or mother-in-law to babysit if you want to spend a few hours alone with the hubby.

Social life may become non-existent

If you had a social life before the second baby came along, you probably don’t have one now. Making the time to catch up with friends for ladies night might be difficult. When was the last time you were drunk and irresponsible?

Double the love

On a positive note, two children would mean double the love. Isn’t it the best feeling in the world when you have both babies sleeping on either side of you? No matter how difficult it may be, small moments are special moments.

Complete family

Taking care of two kids is worth it when they make you proud at school. When other parents come up to you and say: “You must be so proud of your children?” it puts a smile on your face.