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Black Friday Verizon Deals with “Thanksgetting” #VZWBuzz

Verizon is changing things up this Thanksgiving by celebrating Thanksgetting.  This is a celebration for loyal Verizon subscribers by offering AWESOME STUFF at great deals for the holidays plus some cool extras you have to see to believe.

First off, as a Verizon subscriber get a free 1GB of data NOW plus one on your next billing cycle. Who couldn’t use more data. More streaming, more surfing, more shopping.Verizon Thanksgetting #VZWBuzz FREE 1GB Data
Get into the spirit of giving this Black Friday with these once in a lifetime deals:
Get $500 when you switch, trade in your smartphone and buy the Samsung GS6.
Thanksgetting #VZWBuzz
Samsung Galaxy S6
Now $3.16/month
For 24 months for qualified customers when purchased
in retail stores; 0% APR. Retail price: $576.00
New Ellipsis™ 10 tablet Exclusively from Verizon.
Now $49.99 | Save $150 New 2-yr. activation req’d
Fitbit Charge™ Wireless Activity Wristband
Now $89.99 | Save $40 Thursday through Monday
8x with Micro USB or Lightning Now $99.99
Save $50 Thursday through Monday

Now $249.99 Save $50Beats Solo 2 Wireless Headphones Verizon Thanksgetting #VZWBuzz
Now $119.99 Save $10
Now $15.33/month For 24 months for qualified customers when purchased in retail stores
0% APR. Retail price: $768.00.
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + Thanksgetting Verizon #VZWBuzz
Verizon Wireless is an innovative wireless communications company that connects people and businesses with the most advanced wireless technology and service available. I am a Verizon Wireless Lifestyle Blogger brand ambassador and will sometimes receive various products and other perks as a member of the #VZWBuzz influencer team. Staying connected to the world outside Facebook and text while staying mobile is important to me. It keeps me organized and aware and focused on real life. Verizon Wireless helps me do this and keeps me updated on the latest trends, products and tips out there to keep informed and entertained.#VZWBuzz Lifestyle Blogger

Ways to Give Back While On The Go #VZWBuzz #MobileLife

It’s the season where we are reminded that there are others in need. The holiday season doesn’t create this sudden need but it creates awareness of what others are missing and how we can help. As a society we can turn any corner and find charity or organization that is in need.  The children come home from school with food drive notices, payroll reminds us of the opportunity to increase a charitable deduction and our churches are asking for “angels” for their more needy members.  There is no shortage of asking.

There are new ways to give now. We live our lives on the go and that doesn’t have to stop when it’s time to give.  There are so many times that I think about a great cause and the efforts they are making in our community or in the nation but by the time I get to my checkbook or computer that thought gets lost with all the other details of the day.Charitable Contributions while on the go. Mobile Apps to Give Back While on the Go

These apps and services below help individuals like us stay on top of what we think is important.

Feedie. For the foodie and photographer in all of us, Feedie has an arrangement with restaurants around the globe to donate to the Lunchbox Fund in exchange for patrons snapping photos of their food. Share that photo on your social media channels and the restaurant donates $.25 to the Lunchbox Fund. The Lunchbox Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing daily meals to impoverished school children in South Africa. We provide a quarter of a million meals a year, and with your help, our goal is to increase that number to 10 million, and ultimately expand our reach globally. If you’re going to eat out, eat a Feedie restaurant or try a new restaurant that supports this amazing effort to feed hungry children.Charitable Contributions while on the go. Feedie donates to feed hungry children

CharityMiles. If you’re active why not earn money for a deserving charity while you get your sweat on. Download the app, choose an organization and start moving. When you’re done your selected charity will earn money for every mile walked, run or biked.  Walkers and runners earn up to 25¢ per mile; bikers earn up to 10¢ per mile.

Donate a Photo. Did you take a photo today? Chances are you did especially with that nifty mini computer/smartphone in your hands.  Johnson & Johnson wants to take those photos and turn them into $1 donations for a variety of causes that serve our communities. A photo a day is all it takes.#VZWBuzz Lifestyle Blogger

OneToday. Google created this simple way to give to others. One Today lets you easily give $1 each day to causes and nonprofits that inspire you. It’s a community of generous people like you doing one good deed a day. You’ll see others who have given to this cause. Tomorrow you’ll see a new need and a new community of givers. 100% of all donations are distributed directly to the charity.

Check in For Good. Do you check in at your local businesses to show support and loyalty. Turn those visits into dollars for causes in need. Your check in creates exposure for charities not just on the app but through social media.  Create your own cause page for local charities or functions and spread the word to create a buzz and hopefully funds to what you care about.Charitable Contributions while on the go. Mobile Apps to Give Back While on the Go

No matter how you give it’s really the effort you put forth that counts.  These mobile options make giving simple while on the go. Give while you’re thinking about it while at the grocery store or at soccer practice or waiting for the meeting to start.

I am a Verizon Wireless Lifestyle Blogger brand ambassador and will receive various products and other perks as a member of the #VZWBuzz influencer team. Staying connected to the world outside Facebook and text while mobile is important to me. It keeps me organized and aware and focused on real life. Verizon Wireless helps me do this and keeps me updated on the latest trends, products and tips out there to keep informed and entertained.

Apps to Keep Me on Track

A couple months back I made the leap into the traditional working world after an almost 8 year hiatus.  I’m not saying running this blog hasn’t been work I needed a change of scenery. I needed something more fulfilling and standard.  I’m loving it so far and don’t regret the decision but I know other things have suffered. This blog for example.  I know I’ve neglected it and I’m not sharing the fun things like we used to but I’m still working on getting my life organized with the changes going on.Back to Work on the Computer

Things started falling apart. I was resorting to chicken fingers and mac and cheese too often for dinner. I was letting the kids watch too much television.  I was just absent in the daily grind of home.

I knew I had to find solutions to stay on top of the kids and house. Here are some apps and tools that have gotten me and the kids better adjusted and structured. has a beautifully designed FREE app with over 500,000 recipes that  not only helps me with meal ideas but also helps me shop better by incorporation a shopping list and letting me know what area stores are having sales on those items. The recipes are just a touch away when it’s time to cook or prep or gives me ideas based on what’s in my fridge and app for busy families

Heads Up is a play anywhere family friendly (with some not so family friendly options) app that the kids LOVE.  When there isn’t enough time to set up a board game or get out of the house we just grab someone’s phone and we’re ready. It’s a cross between charades, head bands, Guess Who and 20  questions. One player hold the phone up to their forehead while the rest of the group gives clues to what is showing up on the screen.  There are so many categories to play.  For just $.99 you get the basic game. For additional small amounts you are able to download more categories.  I spend more on a cup of coffee these days so I don’t mind a dollar here and there for the belly laughs that come from the kids. is something I never thought I would need but depending on my mother and Sabreena so much during the week is sometimes a burden. There are times I need a little hand with getting the kids homework done and dinner in the oven.  I live in an area where there are TONS of teens and young adults from the University.  I can find someone last minute for date night or someone to come 2 days a week to make sure the kids are having a healthy snack and getting their chores done. While there is a FREE option that gives limited access also has subscription plans that may work better for families in need of more regular care for kids and elderly families.

Verizon Family Base helps me keep track of the time spent glued to a device. This service helps me not only control data usage but gives me the opportunity to see what they are doing online and who they are talking to. For just $5 I’m given the peace of mind that they kids are streaming or texting during class or downloading apps that I don’t agree with.#VZWBuzz Lifestyle Blogger is more than just a to-do list creator it’s a tool to use for personal and work life where you can share tasks, notes, reminders and even files.  As a family I can delegate chores to be done if I’ve stuck at the office late.  Since I know I’ll be passing the farmers market each Sunday Morning I can give myself a weekly reminder to pick up the produce for meal planning.

CraftGawker is my lifeline to keep me crafty and inspired lately. I haven’t had much to come up with new ideas for arts and crafts with the kids lately so I look at other people’s creations to at least let the kids know I’m still here even though a touch sidetracked with life.  Find ideas for every skill level, every medium and every crafty niche.

While I’ve linked to the iOS version of these apps many of them also come Android and some even are desktop compatible.

I’m not claiming to have my entire life completely organized with the addition of these 5 apps but I am a better mom because I took some action against the chaos that was happening. Looking for help can be easy with the help of your device that’s already in your hand.  As a busy mom I turn to technology more than I like to admit but in all honesty it’s working for me.

What do you use to keep organized when on the go?  What apps do you use the most to keep your home, family, personal life and work running smoothly?

Watching TV and Movies on the go

Let’s say last week you missed your favorite cop drama. You want to watch it before the next episode right. Verizon FiOS Flex View lets you do just that. Finish your rented or purchased OnDemand flicks on not just your home television but on your pc, laptop or mobile device. Watch what you want when you want.
FiOS allows up to 5 devices including your set-top box to stream your Flex View programs. This give mom and dad lots of options for watching their own fave shows or movies or letting the kids watch their own. Think of all those peaceful moments at the grocery checkout line or soccer practice rain delay you could have if your kids favorite cartoon episode was at your fingertips.
Doing this has allowed our family to enjoy long car rides with entertainment at no extra cost. Our recent drive to the mountains was much more bearable watching guilty pleasure reality trash tv and the hysterical Phineas and Ferb shows.
Please note that Verizon FiOS is only available in select parts of the country. Find out if you can get the same great service, options and fun as us.

I wrote this review while participating in a brand team campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Verizon FiOS.Verizon will send me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Why Is Good Customer Service So Hard To Find?

We have Verizon as our TV, internet and cell phone provider and sometimes I wonder why. Last Thursday night our HD DVR went bad as the hard drive quit so I called Verizon to get them to send me a new one. The Verizon rep told me they would send me a new HD DVR and he promised me I would receive it on Saturday. The rep also told me I needed to sign for the box so I stayed home on Saturday while Melinda and the kids went to an event in Philadelphia that I had originally planned on attending.

The new HD DVR box showed up on Monday and when I went to hook up the box I noticed it was different then my box that just died. First thing I noticed was my old box had a coax input and output but the new box I received had only a coax input. Let me just clarify when I say new box that means it was new to me because the box was an older model of the one that died on me. Why the hell would Verizon send me a box that was older then the one I originally had? That is a mystery to me but what really pisses me off is the fact that the “new” box I received didn’t work either. It turned on but it froze and when I unplugged it to reset it, it deleted any programs that I had setup to record. Here again I needed to call Verizon which took about 15 minutes before I even got a hold of technical support person and then another hour to finally get him to admit the box was bad and in fact I needed another box. This guy wanted me to move the box all around the house to make sure it was the box and not the outlet. I knew it was the box and after threatening to cancel my service which I was totally 100% ready to do he ordered me a new box.

So if you are keeping count this is now the second box I have in my possession that doesn’t work. Today I received another box which was the same model as my original box which I thought was a step in the right direction but dam was I wrong. After hooking this box up it took a while for the box to activate so again I needed to call Verizon to get it activated correctly which they didn’t do because the HD DVR we have is a multi room DVR so I can watch my shows in any room but when I went to check the TV in my room it wasn’t working. Are you freaking kidding me? How much more of this crap do I need to put up with. I was on the phone for two hours and finally they realized the box I received today was activated but it wasn’t setup as a multi room DVR which caused my other three boxes not to work properly. Finally they fixed the problem and everything is working like it should be for now. The thing that sucks is now I have two broken HD DVR boxes that I need to return so I need to make a trip to UPS and have them returned. Thank goodness they paid for the return shipping or else all hell would be breaking loose.

So it only took a week and three DVR boxes to get this fixed and right now Verizon is on my shit list!!!! You would think an organization of there size would have customer service down to a science but from my experiences over the last week they don’t which to me is crazy.