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Foodie Friday- Kinda food related

One Word- AMAZING. This behemoth of a toy takes up a large amount of space but it is the greatest thing that was ever brought into this house. The Step 2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen has been the #1 toy for my family since the day it arrived.

Our playroom is filled floor to ceiling with everything play related imaginable; toys, games, puzzles, crafts, legos, and much more. But when I put my youngest on the floor after coming down the stairs in the morning the first thing she does is grab a fork and starts stirring a pot. There are jars of spices and metal utensils and even a pepper grinder that makes a cracking noise when turned. The one thing she likes best is the boiling and sizzling sounds that come from the burner when it comes in contact with a certain pot. There aren’t a ton of electronic features in this kitchen so it does encourage children to use their own imagination and their own sounds while playing.

The breakfast bar is a fun feature also. I like to pull up a stool while my daughter serves up a pot of pizza slices, grapes and fried chicken and hands me a fork to eat it. She’ll even pour me a cup of coffee from the included coffee pot. This is definitely a toy where the whole family can get involved.

We’ve collected lots of kitchen stuff over the years such as food and bowls and most of those things fit in nicely with the new kitchen. We also have an older kitchen that my older kids refused to get rid of when the Grand Kitchen came. So now we have 2 kitchens side by side, they call it the restaurant kitchen and that’s how they play. They have made up menus and recipe cards and work together to serve up mommy and daddy full meals.
If you have the space this is an awesome buy that will last YEARS.

This is the Restaurant, you can see my son standing there and my oldest daughter’s feet sticking out of the new kitchen.