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Winner Chosen: Street Surfing Recapitulation

Tamara B., June 29, 2009 5:31 PM

I am a follower.

The Street Surfing, LLC. Ripple is like no other skateboard on the street. It’s design requires more of a surfing motion, twisting and turning on a dime with caster wheels that turn 360 degrees and a deck that pivots with the movements of your body. The Ripple offers the same great ride, same great quality and same killer performance as the Wave but with a more compact profile that makes it perfect for younger riders. No matter what board you get the tricks and ride will always be cool.

We haven’t had the chance to fully master the Ripple. We’ve had what seems like 40 days and 40 nights of rain and slick surfaces don’t mix well with wheels. Sabreena was able to take it out the other day and practice getting on and starting out. She’s not very athletic but she got the hang of it in a short time. She obviously needs more practice on turning and steering but she actually enjoyed it and plans on heading out again today. She did mention that the boys in the neighborhood loved it and begged to take turns. The few regular skateboarders got the hang of it a bit quicker. Shaun will no doubt get the hang of it pretty good. At the age of 6 he’s pretty athletically inclined and quite the daredevil; just ask my heart as he’s going full speed down a hill on his bike. Rob, who used to skateboard at a kid, attempted to get on and quickly ditched that plan at the first feeling of hitting pavement.

Street Surfing, LLC is a sporting goods product and lifestyle company that manufactures and distributes The Wave®. Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, Street Surfing, LLC is committed to delivering durable, high-quality Street Surfing equipment, accessories and apparel. They offer a variety of Wave boards for different age ranges and skill levels. The Ripple is built for younger riders with its slim design. The Wave Stealth uses Abec 7 bearings and integrated grip tape for a faster ride with more tricks and the new Wave LX has a wider deck for more stability and new lightweight design. Don’t forget to grab a helmet and pads to ensure not only your kids safety but your own.

Street Surfing, LLC is giving my readers the chance to win a Wave LX ($80 value) or Ripple ($80 value) of their own. Visit Street Surfing, LLC and tell me which one you would like to win and who it would be for. Unfortunetely you won’t have a choice of design.
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