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Out of the Box Publishing

We try to incorporate family game night each week especially in the cooler months when the kids are bored sitting around the house. The biggest problem we run into is playing the same game over and over. Shaun is 6 and Sabreena is 13 so we need something that works for both of them but not too complicated for him and too babyish for her.

I was recently introduced to Out of the Box Publishing. They are a mall company that has been creating new, family-friendly and innovative games that are focused on fun first with a hint of learning. They boast a few facts about their games
• can be learned in minutes.
• are colorfully illustrated and fun to play.
• can easily be played in less than an hour.
• are efficiently designed in smart packaging.
• feature dynamic player interaction from start to finish.

When we received our HUGE assortment of games Shaun immediately snagged one of the Zen Benders and went to work. In just a couple minutes he was playing on his own and a few minutes later he finished one of the easy puzzles. Later that night Sabreena played the other Zen Benders game and since she is older she went right for the hard level, she was whipping through those but since it’s a new game everytime they really kept their attention.

Wallamoppi is my favorite game so far, it is a game of quick thinking, swift stacking and clever strategy. This is a game Shaun and I like to play together. I try to get him to play without the timer just because I want to play fair with him but he insists on using it. The basics of the game are stack as many disks as you can without toppling the tower. There isn’t reading, writing or drawing involved in this game so it’s perfect for his age. It’s also a quick game, lasting less than 10 minutes, letting us squeeze in a couple games before a meal or before bed without a whole drawn out process of setting up a board or dealing out cards or re-explaining complicated rules.

We still have another game to try, Cloud 9, it’s not that we aren’t interested we just haven’t gotten bored with the ones we’ve opened already. Cloud 9 is the one that I’ve been most interested in playing but we just haven’t gotten to it yet. We will be packing up these games to take on vacation next week and their well thought out packaging is allowing us to do that. All of our games came in simple boxes that actually fit on our shelves. We have an extensive collection of board games and puzzles and my biggest pet peeve is odd shaped and domed containers. How the heck am I supposed to store a hand shaped tin? Out of the Box Publishing got is right with regular shaped boxes and containers.

Out of the Box Publishing puts out games that aren’t just fun but educational too. With over 30 games titles to choose from with age ranges from 7 to adult you are going to find something perfect for your child and yourself.

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