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Toothpaste Spread Heads Recapitulation

We recently welcomed 2 new members to our family, named Pete the dog and Oscar the cat. They are fun, the kids love them and I love that they require no maintenance. I’m not talking pets I’m talking the adorable new Toothpaste Spread Heads. Pete the Dog and Oscar the Cat add a bit of fun to the ordinary task of brushing.

I actually really like these, they are cuter than the vomiting Mustard Marvin and they CLOSE. The fact that they close is a big plus for me. If toothpaste is left open it gets all hard and rubbery, it’s just downright gross. This revised design lets us keep Pete on all the time and not just when company comes over. Even better Shaun doesn’t fight the issue of oral hygiene as much and Shae will volunteer to brush her teeth 10 times a day now. These simple little guys bring a smile to their face.

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