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Family Day – Time To Relax And Catch Up

Sabreena’s birthday was on the 4th but since that was on a weekday today we had family over for food and cupcakes.  It was a nice turn out today. My mom, dad and three brothers came.  Melinda’s parents, two sisters, brother in law and two nieces came also.  It was really nice just hanging out and talking.  We do not get together as much as we probably should. 

The real fun will be this Saturday coming up because that is the day when her firends come over for a party then the girls are going to sleep over.  This will be Sabreena’s first boy/girl party. Yup I said it “BOYS” but let me tell you I am not totally happy about it.  This is my little girl we are talking about.  I am stressed just writing this post. I need to stop now!