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Panasonic 360 Quick Steam/Dry Iron made me a better housewife

One of my resolutions this year was to be a better housewife. Don’t laugh, I know it sounds silly but I’ve never been a fan of cleaning and other domestic duties. One thing I did used to do was iron Rob’s dress shirts. This was a day long process and I hated it but it saved us money at the dry-cleaners. I stopped doing it, ironing is just a horrible horrible chore.

I was given  a Panasonic 360 Quick iron to review and I have contemplated taking on that chore again. Ok no I won’t but I have been ironing other things, things I haven’t attempted in years. To tell you the truth I haven’t ironed anything in years.. The Panasonic 360 has actually brought me back to the ironing board many times over the last couple weeks, working out collars, smoothing wrinkles and pressing seams out of jeans and I’m excited to say they were all done easily and quickly.

The New Concept 360 Quick Steam/Dry irons have an innovative design that allows multi-directional movement without shifting materials around. Go from collar to cuff with one smooth snag-free pass of the titanium or ceramic soleplates. Auto shut-off is also a great feature for frantic moments when irons get tipped over or left one to tend to something else in the household. Iron, steam, press or freshen up your clothing, drapery and bedding with the multiple functions like steam, spray mist or dry ironing.

Ironing still isn’t my favorite chore but it has come up a few notches from the bottom with the new Panasonic 360 Quick. This is the coolest kid in that section of the department store.  One additional improvement I would personally love is CORDLESS.

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