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We’ve been DISCOVERED! an interview with Murray Newlands

We were approached to be interviewed by Murray Newlands because of our unique take on blogging. Us? Unique? I guess there aren’t a lot of mom and dad team bloggers out there so that might make us unique. We revealed a lot about ourselves in this interview and hopefully you’ll learn something new about us or understand what we do and why we do it.

Murray Newlands is a trusted digital marketing advisor with a strong track record of success. He works with  companies and individuals, developing and executing their complete digital marketing strategies, including listening (social media monitoring tools), content marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging and more) as well as outreach programs. He runs a successful international social marketing media agency based in the UK with a proven ability to consistently deliver the right results for his clients.

Melinda and Rob Babiak from Look What Mom Found and Dad Too! An Interview
Unique bloggers, Melinda and Rob Babiak work together to review products and share about what their family is going through on their mommy and daddy blog (parent blog?). I am frankly jealous about their blog header, which really stands out – just perfect for this team who are on the cutting edge of blogging. With them, you get both a female and male point of view.
Tell me about your Blog –
LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! started out as my “mommy” blog as a place to share my internet shopping finds. As a SAHM living in a new city I needed someone to talk to about my fun finds while shopping. The blog has morphed into so much more especially in the last few months. Rob and I have teamed up as a mommy and daddy blog to talk about more than just shopping. We share fun family stories, honest product reviews, unique giveaways and lots of other things.
What was your first blog?
My first blog was a family blog that lasted about 9 months. Rob’s 1st blog was about cycling but it was such a specific niche he found it hard to keep it current with fresh content. His next blog venture was his family blog called Peanut Butter and Smelly’s Dad, he started getting approached to do product reviews and that’s when we decided to work together.
Read the entire interview here…