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Sh!t, I just cursed in front of the kids AGAIN

Eligible for a Best Parenting Award I am NOT. For as long as I can remember I have been a cursing fool. Unfortunately I don’t tame it down as well as I should in front of the kids. I recently watched a webisode from Evenflo’s “Are You a Savvy Parent” series titled “How to Recover from a Potty Mouth moment”. I thought it was hysterical and a true representation of how Rob and I parent and occasionally screw up at it.

We always think the kids aren’t listening especially in the car. With the distractions of the DVD player, handheld games, iPods, music and more Rob and I think we can just chat about whatever we want. I usually comes back to bite up is the rear when Shaun speaks up with “What does #@$* mean?”
“Um, nothing!” “That’s not what we said.” “Dad and I were talking about something else.” “Mind your business.” “Watch your movie or I’m turning it off.” Pick any of those phrases, that’s usually how we respond.

With Sabreena we discuss anything and everything. With Shaun we try to explain some things so he can mildly understand but also let him know that it isn’t to be repeated. Shae is a monkey and will do and say anything Rob does, she’s at the mimic Daddy cursing stage. We hide our giggle, let her say it once or twice then say that’s enough, it’s a bad word, don’t say it anymore.

When you are caught in a potty mouth moment how do you recover? What topics are off limits when the kids are within earshot or even in the same house? How do you explain to your kids that just because they hear certain words or discussions they aren’t to be repeated?

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