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Rebagz Redefines Fashion with Recycling

Reduce Reuse Recycle. We’ve all heard it a hundred times but what does it really mean. Rebagz has it down with their collection of handbags, totes, wristlets and more. All Rebagz Handbags are made using recycled materials AND under fair labor conditions.

Rebagz uses coated recycled paper, recycled PET plastic, recycled juice packs and recycled rice sacks that already have beautiful graphics printed on them. These bags are handmade so may vary slightly than the picture you see online. The Juicy Hand Woven collection is made from-you guessed it-juice pouches so they are water resistant and washable with a simple wipe down. The Rice Sack Graphics line is made from rice sacks that already come beautifully designed, no screen printing is done to these bags.

All rebag. She’s made several trips to ensure her vision is carried through properly. Rebagz is also proud to carry Green America’s Seal of Approval; a unique non-profit dedicated to promoting social justice and environmental sustainability through economic action.

Sabreena was given the Juicy Hand Woven Wrap Around Bag in red. If you know anything about Sabreena you know she’s our advocate for a greener, cleaner more sustainable world. I knew she would love this bag as soon as I stumbled on Rebagz. I personally love the Rice Sack Cinchy Tote either as an all purpose tote or diaperbag or overnight bag. The design is beautiful, the print is feminine and the end result is truly unique.

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