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When Did This Happen?

Who told Sabreena she could become a young lady?  The nerve of this girl growing up so fast and becoming a mature, intelligent, respectful teenager.  She had the audacity to go homecoming this past weekend and look awesome in a Little Black Dress with make-up and done up hair.  She even dared to hug some boys in pictures and have a good time.  Doesn’t she know that this all made me cry because she’s still my sweet baby girl in my heart.  I still remember bringing her home from the hospital and celebrating her 1st bday and her taking her bra shopping.  I cried because I wanted to be with her as she got all dressed up for Homecoming but she spent the weekend with friends instead.  I cried because she called me after 11pm saying how much fun she had and I realized it wasn’t that late but I was the loser about to go to bed.  I cried because i want to cut these boy’s hands off because thats my baby they are hugging. I cried because she’s such a blessing to have in our family and I’m grateful she turned out so well considering what an obvious basketcase I am.