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Is Comfortable Enough to Get By?

When I think of comfort shoes I think of Crocs. They have made it well known that while their shoes aren’t the prettiest around they are some of the most comfortable. My kids had Croc Bands over the summer and literally wore them out because they were all they wanted to wear. I have a pair of black flip flops that are my go-to’s in warm weather.

Recently Crocs released Crocs Tone shoes; where comfort meets toning. This toning shoe is an innovative shoe that is meant to stimulate muscles to enhance muscle tone. I started out with the Skylar Flat. At first the shoe was fine, not the most flattering but cushiony. After a few minutes the shoes started rubbing my feet wrong. I tried again the next day and I had the same uncomfortable feeling. The shoe fit lengthwise but the top edge felt too snug. Crocs was gracious enough to send me the Skylar Clog, the un-prettiest member of the Crocs family. I was happy I at least got brown. I wore them and had no discomfort. There was a hollow feeling under my toes but I thought that had something to do with the toning properties.

I’ve been wearing these off and on for about a month and while I don’t notice a difference in my butt or thighs I do know they are comfortable shoes, not as ugly as I once thought and something I would recommend to others. In fact the original Crocs Tones I received were given to my sister’s SIL who is pregnant. She loves them, has no problems with the rubbing either.

Like all Crocs shoes the Tone’s are made with a lightweight croslite™ footbed which provides all-day comfort. The sculpted sole creates a rocking effect which is supposed to make you use those key muscles to create the toning effect. The insole is all bumpy which is supposed to provide a massage like sensation; with socks on you lose some of that bumpy goodness.

Check them out for yourself in a retailer nearby. I think to enhance my Crocs Tones experience I’m going to add Jibbitz. Rob might be totally embarrassed but why not jazz them up a bit.