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Dad Is Stressing Big Time Here!!!

Sabreena just turned 15 which means next year she will take drivers ed in school (unless DE changes the law) and getting her drivers license and to be honest I am stressed big time.

Getting insurance, a car and just the fact that she is 16 and will be driving scares the crap out of me.  She is an extremely smart kid but that doesn’t comfort me when she is out on the road.  With friends in the car and text messaging young drivers have so many distractions on top of the fact that are just learning to drive makes me nervous to let Sabreena behind the wheel.

I think I was 17 maybe 18 before I got my driver’s license and to me that still seems young.  I know I am probably blowing this out of proportion but this is my baby girl we are talking about and letting her get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle alone with NO supervision worries me.  Maybe it is the father in me but who knows but I just want her to be safe and responsible when behind the wheel of a car.

No wonder I have so many grey hairs at the age of 36. LOL.

Do you have a child that is about to start driving in the next year or two? If so what are your feelings? Am I crazy to feel the way I am feeling?