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The Weight Has Been Lifted

Melinda and I resigned from our youth football board positions yesterday and today I feel relieved because I know I no longer need to deal with the craziness of the team we were associated with. We did this to save our sanity and to lower our stress level.

When I called back in March to be a part of this youth football organization I was excited. I was excited for Shaun to play, I was excited to help in any way I could but over time that excitement turned into stress, bitterness and resentment. Volunteering for a youth football program should be fun not annoying and dreadful and that is what it became so we bailed out.

It started at the top with the president of the team and went all the way through to the commissioner. To me this team was mismanaged and no one ever knew what they were doing. We needed to field four teams and needed a minimum of 80 kids and after a month and a half of recruiting we had only 20 kids and with practice starting August 1st it wasn’t looking good.

I know this is a post where I am coming off mean and angry but I feel like Melinda and I were taken advantage of because we were willing to do whatever it took to make this team successful but after a while we realized not everyone felt the same way as us. We would see the same people sitting back and saying they were willing to help but when the time came for them to help they were nowhere to be found. It just seemed like the two guys who started this team acted like they wanted help but didn’t really want the help. I guess in a way they got their wish because Melinda was the fundraising coordinator and I was the PR person/website person and now they will have to absorb these two positions themselves.

We are currently looking for other football programs in the area that we can have Shaun play for. The thing that really makes me mad was that I was going to be the head coach of Shaun’s team which I was really looking forward to but now if we move to another league that most likely will not be the case. I am hoping that I can at least be an assistant coach because I really do want to be involved in the development of Shaun’s football skills as well as other youth.

I guess only time will tell. Thanks for listening to me complain. I needed this and feel a little better now!

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