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Why Am I So Picky? It’s A TV Stand

This Would Be A Sick TV Stand For Shaun

When we moved into our house last July Shaun finally got a TV in his room which he had been asking for about a year or so. Letting Shaun have his own TV didn’t seem so far fetched considering Sabreena had her own TV since she was five. Needless to say Shaun was pumped when he found out he was going to have his own TV.

What is funny is he is rocking out an old (about 10 yrs old) 27 inch tube TV and yes people tube TV’s do still exist. Currently I am trying to find a new corner tv stand for his room. He has a TV stand now but it is kind of shaky and not that great plus the way he watches TV I needed to put it on an angle so he could watch it so I was thinking maybe a corner TV stand is the way to go.

I have been searching the web and stores in search of cheap TV stands and corner TV stands hoping to find something that would not only be functional but look nice in his room. The one reason I like searching the web versus going to the store is that I am able to filter products by category and look at specific TV stands in hopes of find just the right one. The crazy thing is Shaun is only eight so you think I would be ok with any TV stand but nope not me. I want to make sure he has something that is functional and definitely inexpensive but I do want it to look nice considering we have spent time on each of the kids’ rooms making them look nice. Don’t worry though folks I won’t be buying a $500 stands for Shaun’s $50 TV, LOL. Maybe I should buy him a funky TV stand with built in speakers so he can rock out while watching TV and playing Wii, LOL. I am sure Melinda would love that, NOT!

Do your kids have their own TV? If so, at what age did they get their own TV?

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