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An Almost Do It Yourself Project

I really like this headboard!

A few moths ago Melinda had this grand idea that she wanted to upholster our old wooden headboard that we got from Ikea about 8 years ago. Now I am no expert in this matter by any means but upholstered headboards when done by a professional look really good. Not saying Melinda wouldn’t do a great job but I was a little hesitant at her taking on this task herself.

To me headboards are the center piece of the bed and the first thing that is noticed when you enter the bedroom so you want to make sure whatever kind of headboard you have that is looks really nice. After some thought Melinda decided that is was just easier to buy a new headboard and our search began. We looked at upholstered headboards, wooden headboards and even king headboards thinking maybe we would upgrade our bed size which we didn’t do (Not yet anyway).

We did buy a new bed and it is a really nice wooden one with matching headboard, footboard and side rails in queen size for now. I think our next bed is going to be a sleep number king bed. Not sure if that is what Melinda wants but if I get any input this is what I am voting for? I want to find out what my sleep number is, LOL.

Would you ever try to upholster your furniture like a headboard or maybe dining room chairs? Seems hard as heck to me.

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