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Painted Rocks Craft for Kids

I was doing some gardening the other day and Shae was helping by pulling weeds and putting the rocks back under the deck that slide down into the grass. She kept showing me the colors and shapes of the rocks and I knew this could aid in a fun craft. I had her pick out 6 smooth rocks and we washed them and let them dry in the sun for a few minutes.

Materials needed

smooth rocks, any size, cleaned and dried
acrylic paints
googly eyes, glitter, buttons, etc (optional)

Set up a place to start, protect your work surface. Set out a bowl of water to clean brushes and a plate or palette with assorted paint colors. We used the 2oz bottles found at most craft stores.
This is where you can either let the kids paint free-form or give guidance to create something specific.


this rock gets a structured paintjob

painted-rock-ladybug kids craft

painting on the head

Lady Bug Painted Rock Kids Craft

adding the dots to the ladybug

Lady Bug Painted Rock Kids Craft

adding the finishing touch

Lady Bug Painted Rock Kids Craft

ladybug rock


this is rob, see the mustache


painted rocks on a plate

No matter what is created just have fun.  My craft boost is mostly inspired by GummyLump’s #300CraftsforKids Campaign.  Check out all the ideas that have been posted all year.



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